Release date postponed for Thymesia till August 18

The August 9 release date for the action role-playing game Thymesia has been modified. The launch date of the upcoming OverBorder game has been moved up a few days as a result of OverBorder appreciating the input from fans and its unwavering dedication to giving it the greatest experience possible.

“We took the difficult choice to delay their forthcoming action RPGs release date back just a few days, to August 18, after listening to the community feedback on a recent Steam Demo,” the statement reads.

Following consideration of user comments, the development team recently announced on Steam that they would be delaying the release of their action RPG. The game was supposed to be published on August 9, but that date has been moved forward to August 18, 2022, which is more than a week away.

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Thymesia, a role-playing game that resembles Souls and is just coming out, has had its release date postponed by one week as a result of user feedback from a Steam trial. Everyone dislikes delays, but they may be better handled when they only last nine days, as was the case with Game, the promising RPG/action game being created by OverBorder Studio.

The new souls-inspired RPG Thymesia is scheduled to debut on August 18 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, and PC through Steam. Thymes will only be available on current-gen platforms and PC through Steam.

Thymesias’ release date has been postponed by OverBorder Studio one more, this time until August 18. Thymesia, an action role-playing game, now has a new release date from OverBorder Studios after being postponed from December 2021.

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For the first time since they revealed their new game, Thymesia, was being delayed from its initial release date in December 2021, the game will launch on January 18, 2020.

Thymesia’s creators have announced a nine-day delay of the game so they may make adjustments in response to player input on the demo. While Thymesia’s release date has been postponed, if you are completely done with the Elden Ring and are searching for a fresh, Dark Souls-like experience, you may have just found it.

The update explicitly outlines the reasons for the bump and was also shared with Steam’s forthcoming Souls-like RPG Thymesia. Team17 stated that they choose to delay the release of Thymesias in order to make adjustments and updates across platforms in light of the community’s reaction to the demo.

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