Reason why iPhone 13 price drops and iPhone 12 price increases

This is your time to get an Apple iPhone if you have been waiting for the cost to decrease. For more information on this news item, read the complete article.

The new iPhone 14

Apple has officially unveiled the brand-new i-Phone 14 series. According to rumours, this iPhone’s costs are relatively close to those of the iPhone 13, but since there isn’t a less expensive tiny version in this series, it looks a touch pricey.

As a result, the price of the iPhone 13 has decreased by 10,000 rupees and that of the iPhone 13 small by 6,000 rupees since the launch of the new series. Only the iPhone 12 is more expensive when compared to the others. Therefore, if you intend to get an iPhone, be a wise consumer and compare the costs of all available phones before making your choice.

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About Apple

Apple is a well-known brand on a global scale, famous for its smartphones, computers, watches, etc. Each year, it has expanded and experienced greater success. Tim Cook is in charge of it right now. It creates items with some incredible characteristics so that people can work as effectively as possible.

Giving everyone the tools to excel in their line of work is the goal behind the creation of such items. The business’s main office is in Cupertino, California. It ranks among the top five American information technology firms, with a projected value of $365.8 billion in 2021.

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About Tim Cook

The CEO of Apple at the moment is Tim Cook. He is a very gifted and skilled individual who has witnessed Apple’s development from the time it was on the point of bankruptcy to the present, when it is one of the largest information technology businesses in the world. He is the seventh CEO of Apple and has held positions at major corporations including IBM and Compaq.

Laurene Powell Jobs stated that it was “nearly impossible to imagine the great pressure of setting and implementing Apple’s progression with deep accuracy, and of bearing responsibility for the company’s effects on society.” Tim nevertheless carries it out with restraint and kindness, going outside to restore his spirit.

About iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 range is the next line of phones that Apple has officially unveiled. The iPhone 14 has some incredible features, including a fantastic 48 MP camera and water resistance. Additionally, it is made of surgical-grade stainless steel and is offered in 4 intriguing colours.

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