Realme enters the Indian market with its first new monitor

Realme has also developed a new line of displays. Realme is well renowned for its full new line of products, which also includes a variety of audio, entertainment, and other devices. In addition to these items, the business has recently expanded its offering of similar AIoT devices in India.

Realme’s AIoT goods include a new line of displays, a tablet dubbed the Pad X, the brand-new Watch 3, as well as a new line of audio items. However, we shall discuss all of the specifics of the new Relame Flat Monitor.

If you’re searching for a new, contemporary monitor, you might want to check out Realme’s brand-new flat display. Speaking more specifically about the monitor, you will have a bezel-less screen that is both thinner and leaner, with a thickness of only 6.9mm.

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The new Realme display is 23.8 inches in size, supports LED technology, and has a quicker refresh rate of 75 Hz as well. Regarding the resolution, you will receive a Full HD screen here, along with support for an 8ms reaction time, the greatest peak brightness of up to 250 nits, and a layer of anti-glare protection.

A 178-degree view angle is also supported by the monitor’s screen! You will thus find all you require here. The flat monitor includes compatibility for HDMI, Type-C, VGA, and USB connectors on the port side.

What is its pricing?

When it comes to features, Realme has done a fantastic job by creating a display with every function imaginable. Even while the functions are vital, the monitor’s price is also crucial.

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According to sources, Realme introduced its Flat Display with an official selling price of Rs. 12,999. You can purchase this new monitor from both the Realme website and Flipkart.

However, if you need a monitor right away, you may get this laptop at a lesser cost. Its final price might be reduced by Rs. 2,000, bringing it to Rs. 10,999 as per its promotional deal.

Should you consider buying this monitor?

This new laptop monitor has a wide range of features, many of which are more expensive than the standard model. So, this laptop might be a terrific option for you if you’re seeking for a great value.

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