Ranked In Order Are The Top 5 Video Game Sidekick Spinoffs

There is nearly always an equally excellent sidekick to every great video game hero. Sonic has Tails, Mario has Luigi, and Crash Bandicoot has Coco, his sister. These underdogs occasionally get their opportunity to shine thanks to a title that elevates them to the fore. These lone flights can enhance or detract from their reputation depending on the calibre of the game.

While awful games like Dirge of Cerberus and Shadow the Hedgehog failed to give their respective supporting characters a life of their own, great spinoffs that innovated the franchise exists. These matches highlighted the underdogs and showed that they could win a crown on their own.

Top 5 Video Game Sidekick Spinoffs

Castlevania Symphony Of The Night Brought New Blood To The Series

Symphony of the Night, initially intended to be a side narrative that diverted the focus away from the Belmont family, ultimately served as the model for additional handheld entries. In Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, players took on the role of Alucard, who assisted Trevor Belmont in stopping his father.

Players were given a massive, interconnected castle to explore at their leisure, unlike earlier games’ stage layouts. Players might discover new skills in his adventures, like the bat metamorphosis and familiars, because the count’s son was part vampire. One of the series’ best games is the result.

Day Of The Tentacle Was Like A Playable Warner Bros Cartoon

Bernard Bernoulli made his film debut in Ron Gilbert’s Maniac Mansion, where he played an optional supporting role in Dave’s quest to save Sandy from Dr Fred Edison’s clutches. One of the good doctor’s creatures goes through an odd transformation in Day of the Tentacle and plots to rule the world.

Bernard and his buddies must travel through time to prevent Purple Tentacle’s plans. The game had deft puzzles that capitalized on its time-travelling idea and a more linear graphic adventure format. Its humorous dialogue and superb vocal work supported its Looney Tunes-inspired graphic aesthetic.

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Busting Makes Players Feel Good In Luigi’s Mansion

When Nintendo released the GameCube with a title featuring the less famous sibling rather than Mario, many players were caught off guard. With Luigi’s Mansion, the platformer genre gave way to a blend of graphic adventure and survival horror, with the younger brother of the chubby plumber taking centre stage.

Despite the doubts, the modification was advantageous thanks to a good design and creative adversaries. Whether humming along to the soundtrack or rejoicing in his triumph over a challenging boss or challenge, Luigi establishes himself as a lovable hero in his own right.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island Was A Wonderful Swan Song For The SNES

In Yoshi’s Island, the dinosaur clan that aided the renowned plumbers in the first Super Mario Bros. game took centre stage. The colourful creatures brought the two siblings back together when they were little after the demon Namek stole their stork’s arrival.

Players can use the incredible powers of the Yoshis as they eat foes, throw eggs, and float to platforms. A whimsical fairytale art approach inspired the game’s playable pastel drawing aesthetic. The game set the stage for other dinosaur-themed adventures.

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Diddy Kong Racing Wasn’t Just A Carbon Copy Of Mario Kart

Rare decided to use the Mario Kart kart racing format with the return of one of their previous brands for one of their first original N64 games. Pro-Am 64 was the game’s original name, which starred Timber the Tiger. However, as it became clear that Banjo Kazooie would miss its planned 1997 holiday release, attention was turned to Diddy Kong.

But the game wasn’t merely a replica of Mario’s work. Three different vehicles, a hub world structure, and additional difficulties were all novelties in the game’s kart racing format.


What is the original name of Diddy Kong Racing?

Pro-Am 64 was the game’s original name, which starred Timber the Tiger.

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