Raj Kundra On Twitter,”Never Participated In Pornography Acts”

Raj Kundra recently responded to some Twitter comments from fans and discussed his arrest in a porn-related case. He asserted that he was set up and that the truth would eventually out.

Raj Kundra, a businessman, recently tweeted about his potential involvement in a case involving pornography in 2021. Raj, Shilpa Shetty’s husband, was detained for two months in the similar incident last year before being released on bail.

Raj Kundra Pornography Case

On Tuesday morning, Raj, who has recently been active on Twitter, wrote: “Doing a 30 minute #AskRaj at 12pm midday today. I am Feeling generous so fire your questions #AskRaj #TrollersChance will answer as truthfully and bluntly as possible!!”

Vijay Sharma,a twitter user replied,”Chalo I believe that you were not involved in the pornographic production. But , the question is how can your name come up in such a case without any involvement? There must be dots somewhere or the other. If you are ok , kindly let us all know.”

A fan tweeted,”Hey Raj nothing to say & ask..just avoid trolls & ignore social media negativity. Life is beautiful.”Another admirer of Raj tweeted,”Sir I just wanna say I really like you & Shilpa mam together. In the past year, you guys went through a bit of rough times but together you conquered everything.God bless you guys”

One user tweeted,”Are you & Shilpa still together or it’s a staged act ??”To this Kundra replied,”Haha love this question. Love is no act and cannot be staged. 13th year anniversary on 22nd November don’t forget to wish us”

Raj had previously sought the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), claiming he had been set up in the pornographic case. He wrote a letter to the central agency and said, “A handful of corrupt individuals spoil the name of the whole organisation. It’s just a matter of the time now!”

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