Ragnarok Spoilers are already circulating for God of War

People, the moment has come. More than a week before the game’s release, the internet has already been flooded with what look to be late-game God of War spoilers.

God Of War Spoilers

After years of anticipation and rumurs, God of War Ragnarok will finally premiere in less than two weeks. Even while the series’ fans are almost there, getting people excited about the game online will be much more complicated now that some highly spoiler-filled videos have begun circulating on social media.

We won’t be hosting or linking to the spoilers here, but having seen some of the plot leaks surfaces, I can attest that they are things we haven’t heard or seen and are things you don’t want to be revealed. It’s not worth taking even a quick peek to see what lies ahead because some of the leaks provide information that we already know but in much more detail and with added context.

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The Twitter Account

It’s unclear if they’re screenshots from a review copy of the game or if a store missed the street date because they all seem to be coming from the same Twitter account (although they are now also appearing on Reddit). Still, because there isn’t any proof of a physical copy, it seems to be the former. It’s unclear whether Sony is aware of the leak or not as of this writing because the Twitter account disseminating the spoilers is still active, and none of the videos has been removed.

While you wait, you can read our preview for spoiler-free thoughts on the first five hours of God of War Ragnarok. Features editor Eric Switzer noted that the game was “virtually indistinguishable from God of War 2018, but that isn’t necessarily a negative thing.” We also have a section dedicated to the fighting that goes in-depth on all the improvements Ragnarok brings to the system.

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