Putin is ‘very ill with blood cancer,’ according to a Russian oligarch, fueling illness rumours

Putin’s inner circle oligarch was overheard declaring that the Russian president is “extremely ill with blood cancer.” The assertions have been backed up by a former British spy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be suffering from the long-running conflict in Ukraine. An oligarch in Putin’s close circle was videotaped declaring that the 69-year-old is “extremely ill with blood cancer,” according to media reports.

Putin allegedly underwent back surgery due to his blood cancer immediately after authorising the invasion of Ukraine, according to an audio clip obtained by New Lines magazine in the United States. He also said that President Trump has gone “mad.”

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“He has an issue with his head.” In an extended diatribe criticising Putin for the status of the Russian economy, the oligarch remarked, “One insane individual can flip the world upside down.”

“Certainly, given what we’re hearing from sources in Russia and elsewhere, Putin is, in fact, extremely severely ill,” a former British intelligence officer told Sky News, adding validity to the oligarch’s statements regarding Putin’s health problems.

While it is unclear if his cancer is terminal or treatable, the ex-spy claims that the conflict with Ukraine has played a “part” in it.

This comes following claims earlier this month that Putin’s health was failing and that he would be having stomach cancer surgery. The Kremlin has dismissed these allegations, claiming that Putin is as fit as a violin.

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Due to his fragile appearance at recent public occasions, speculation regarding the Russian president’s illness has been intense. Putin was also seen trembling in videos released on social media during Russia’s Victory Day celebrations last week.

Another video footage that raised concerns about Putin’s health was of a taped meeting between him and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in which the president is seen grasping the table tightly with his hands throughout the conversation.

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