PSA Warns of Nuclear Attack On USA

Modern technology presently defines the world in which we all live. These developments may be seen everywhere, from daily life to military prowess. Concerns about a third world war are growing as a war between Russia and Ukraine is raging abroad as a result of the former’s activities.

Given that the highest leaders of the globe have access to nuclear-grade weapons, it begs the issue of whether these incredibly potent and destructive weapons would be used in a conflict. Unfortunately, that risk might be closer than people think. People are speculating as to whether a nuclear strike is imminent after New York City recently broadcast a PSA to its citizens outlining what to do in the event of one.

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There was no justification given for the PSA’s distribution. Even more subtly, the video’s narrator says, “So there was a nuclear assault. Ask me neither how nor why. Just be aware that it was a huge one. It goes without saying that the video has sparked an upsurge in anxiety and fear among New Yorkers, according to ABC News.

The main recommendations in the film are to enter as quickly as possible, remain inside, and pay attention for new information. The minute-and-a-half-long PSA also included specific instructions on what to do in the event of a nuclear strike, such as avoiding windows, retreating to a basement or inside room, and washing one’s self right away if they had been outside.

The problem is that this advise would be of little assistance to people if New York City were the detonation target in a nuclear assault or close to the blast radius. First, those in the near area would be instantly wiped off if a nuclear weapon was released. Second, anyone who survived the initial blow would shortly perish in the intense heat that would follow.

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Eventually, those who were able to reach underground shelters would die from a lack of oxygen. Finally, the radioactive fallout from the nuclear attack would kill the last of the final survivors. All of this occurs before a nuclear winter devastates the entire region. In addition, many more people will eventually pass away from malignancies brought on by radiation exposure as well as the nuclear winter.

Therefore, it follows that this counsel is either intended to somehow reassure individuals that they can survive a nuclear assault. Or it’s meant to be a piece of wisdom for people who are far away from the blast zone. Neither justification is reassuring. Having said that, there hasn’t been any proof of an impending nuclear assault as of yet.

But even if one did happen, the worldwide repercussions would be so great that they would make what occurred to Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II seem like nothing more than a toy. Nuclear weapons would do much more than just spark a third world war since nuclear technology has advanced to such a point and is now in the hands of so many nations. Without a doubt, it would successfully spark a mass extinction event.

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