Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan adopt a beagle that was rescued from an animal testing facility

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, acquired Mia, a beagle. The latter had been “tortured and tormented” in a breeding facility in Virginia on August 11, the Beagle Freedom Project’s Shannon Keith confirmed in an email to USA TODAY.

The animal rescue NGO Beagle Freedom Project, which Meghan has long supported, was mentioned by Keith on Wednesday. Meghan and Harry visited the organization’s Los Angeles headquarters to adopt Mia.

Mia rushed over to them, and Keith remarked, “It was as though they all simply knew this was meant to be.”

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Keith revealed that Mia had been bred for seven years and that her puppies had been “taken away from her and sold to laboratories.” According to Keith, the dog’s troubled past played a significant role in the royal couple’s decision to acquire Mia.

According to Keith, the Duke and Duchess specifically stated that they wanted to acquire older, abused, neglected, and frequently disregarded dogs. “They were incredibly kind, friendly, and caring when they arrived.”

In late July, nearly 4,000 beagles, including Mia, were rescued from an Envigo RMS-run facility in Cumberland, Virginia. These dogs were bred at the facility to be sold to drug testing labs.

The Humane Society of the United States website claimed that as of August 9, little over half of the dogs had been taken out.

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When the federal authorities sued Envigo RMS in a civil case in May, the plan to remove the dogs got underway. The U.S. Department of Justice charged violations of the Animal Welfare Act at the institution in court documents.

Federal officials charged Envigo with a series of offences, including not providing enough food for the dogs, providing poor medical attention, lodging the dogs in filthy conditions, and euthanising some of the canines without anaesthetic. According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection report, more than 300 puppy deaths between January and July of last year were attributed to “unknown reasons,” The facility took no further action to look into the deaths or avoid future occurrences.

Not only the Sussex’s but other well-known figures were inspired to act. Tammy Murphy, the spouse of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, said last week on Twitter that her family had adopted one of the beagles who had been saved.

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Introducing Morty Murphy, the newest member of our family, with pride! Murphy penned. He is settling quickly and immediately taking advantage of well-earned cuddles and sweets.

According to their website, the Humane Society’s shelter and rescue partners intend to place the dogs in foster and adoptive homes.

While these dogs get ready for the next phase of their new life, the group stated on its Facebook page that its work was far from done. Please make a quick donation to help transport the remaining dogs and provide a better life for additional animals.

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