Paradise Highway: Frank Grillo talking about the Upcoming Roles & His Trucker Thriller

Frank Grillo discussed Paradise Highway with CBR, what shocked him about playing Dennis, and his forthcoming acting projects.

The suspenseful film Paradise Highway, directed by Anna Gutto, stars Juliette Binoche as Sally, a truck driver in middle America who is just trying to get by as she waits for her brother Dennis to be let out of jail.

Dennis, portrayed by Frank Grillo with a wiry but weirdly appealing edge, serves as the catalyst for most of the conflict in the movie. He unintentionally involves Leila (Hala Finley) and Sally in a trafficking network, attracting the notice of Gerick (Morgan Freeman) and Finley from the authorities (Cameron Monaghan).

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The impact Dennis has on his sister is a recurring theme in the movie. Frank Grillo discussed the steps he took to embody Dennis in Paradise Highway, the aspects of the character that shocked him the most, and some of his next projects in an interview with CBR. Additionally, he provided some details on his action movie Zeno and expressed his thoughts on the prospect of another Marvel cameo.

CBR: The topic matter is somewhat sombre. What attracted you to the movie?

Grillo, Frank Obviously, the writing and how Anna, the director, envisioned these individuals acting were what hooked me to the narrative. Morgan Freeman and Juliet follow. It’s almost a no-brainer.

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Even though we are aware that Dennis is unreliable, we can still see how much he cares about his sister. It oddly makes him likeable.

Yes, it’s nearly excessive. He may be dependent on her, in my opinion. He does love her, though. It was, in fact, a fascinating phenomenon. Because of the way we sometimes played it, it sometimes felt almost sexual in nature.

And we were very aware that we never wanted it to be that strange, almost incestuous relationship. We had several intimate exchanges in which I touch her and other things. Therefore, it could be interpreted incorrectly, although we try to avoid it.

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He does seem to be so out of touch with everything around him. Like, he still urges his sister to run with him even though he’s fighting her.

That is entirely accurate. I suppose that given Dennis’ narrow perspective, he always thinks he can solve this problem and that he is only somewhat below brilliance. He is not an intelligent man. I had to play that one more. What does it mean to be someone who, although believing he can, may not actually have the mental or emotional capacity to solve problems?

When you first receive a screenplay, you need to have a concept of the character’s characteristics. However, when you’re on set acting as a character and collaborating with actors and filmmakers, it all changes. What about Dennis shocked you the most when Paradise Highway was being made?

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This is what happened to me with Dennis; you see, Anna and I often talk about the kind of person we want him to be, and, you know, he was straightforward. He was an easy-going person, right? A part of me was startled that I was that man when it changed course and became something else.

Because it’s everything inside of us, I went beyond the basic and it went beyond — it almost to the point of perhaps having a mental disability or mental disease. And so, in a way, that began to emerge. As an actor, it was a lot of fun. It was, in fact. Just consider that attitude, I mean. I want to be this kid!

My 14-year-old son clears all the superhero things, so I’d have to ask him. What that is now is quite different. It’s possible that Captain America: Winter Soldier was their final “film” at the time I worked on it. Everything is now so enormous, which is entertaining to observe.

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Although I don’t particularly want to do that type of work, I would be open to the opportunity if someone approached me and said, “We want you to play the Punisher,” or something like, where the plot is heavily emphasised.

Speaking of your boys, one of them will soon have a movie out that you worked on!

Yes, my oldest son Remy recently produced his first film. He’s now revising a manuscript titled Man’s Son. It’s nearly done. It will soon be delivered. And my kid was the director!

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Has Zeno received any new information? Could you give me any updates on the movie? I know it was originally going to be a remake of The Raid but it ended up being something new.

Carnahan and I may have put that on hold. My buddy Patrick Hughes, who is working on a remake of The Raid for Sony, has an unusual desire for me to be in it. Therefore, I believe Joe and I will reunite when he finishes filming his movie in Columbia. We’re going to have a few additional significant movies, like Copshop and Boss Level.

Currently playing in a few cinemas, on digital, and on demand is Paradise Highway.

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