One Tragic Sansa Stark Moment Is Made Worse by House of the Dragon

In The Green Council, episode 9 of season 1 of House of the Dragon, a pivotal Sansa Stark event from Game of Thrones, is made much more heartbreaking by Mysaria’s ability to communicate via candles in House of the Dragon. Otto seals the Red Keep crew in the dungeons in House of the Dragon episode 9, stopping the spread of the word about King Viserys’ demise.

 The fact that Talya, Alicent’s handmaiden, was able to warn Mysaria of Viserys’ death in secret by illuminating a window shows that they had been preparing for this day for a long time. However, the next time a candle signal is utilised in Game of Thrones, the outcomes aren’t as fortunate, giving Mysaria an advantage against Otto Hightower by holding the yet-uncrowned Aegon Targaryen for leverage.

The candle message from House of the Dragon offers a disturbing glimpse into Sansa and Brienne’s potential strategy in season five of Game of Thrones. Brienne and Podrick were supposed to invade Winterfell and defend Sansa when she lit a candle in a tower to let Brienne know she needed assistance.

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Brienne, however, misses the cue when Sansa finally lights the candle at the crucial moment because she has already left to carry out her earlier oath and kill Stannis Baratheon. Sadly, Sansa’s message is misunderstood, forcing her and Theon to attempt a dangerous escape by leaping from Winterfell’s walls into the snow. Sansa and Brienne’s strategy ought to have been successful, given that the House of the Dragon’s candle message with Mysaria’s spy network was a complete success.

Why the candle plan by Sansa and Brienne had to fail

Due to their failed strategy, Sansa and Brienne had significant character growth that affected their overall storylines. Sansa waited in her imprisonment for the first several seasons of Game of Thrones, whether it was Littlefinger in King’s Landing or Brienne in Winterfell, to come and save her. After the candle plot fell through, Sansa finally took control of her destiny by planning an escape in which only she could break free from her captivity. Theon Greyjoy may have assisted, but the future queen of the North no longer looked to outsiders to save her.

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Another crucial moment for the loyal character had Brienne missing Sansa’s signal after spending days stationed at her post and keeping watch above the tower. In Game of Thrones, Brienne made several oaths with varying emotional overtones. Her desire to exact revenge on Stannis for Renly’s death deprived her of the chance to honour her active commitment to Catelyn Tully. Protecting the abused Stark in Winterfell should have been her foremost duty since Renly and Catelyn were already deceased, but Sansa and Arya were still alive. In Game of Thrones, Brienne is the most oath-keeping and devoted character, yet her multiple allegiances would conflict at crucial times.

The Importance of Mysaria’s Spy Network Is Greater Than You Might Imagine

The search for Aegon by the greens would have been less chaotic if Talya hadn’t used the candles to inform Mysaria that Viserys had passed away in House of the Dragon episode 9. The Hightowers can do everything to keep knowledge secret. Still, there will always be enigmatic “little spiders” who discover such secrets and feed them through Mysaria’s web, according to the spy network of Mysaria. Through her spy network, Mysaria is aware of the crimes committed by the green party and their cunning intentions, which she will be able to share with Rhaenyra’s black party.

Mysaria’s espionage network seriously endangers King Aegon II Targaryen’s rule. The frightening Lord Larys Strong, who controls his network of covert couriers and covertly approves crimes in King’s Landing, has the most competition from The White Worm. Given that Mysaria is a skilled source of secrets for the black party having an advantage in the Targaryen civil war depends on the information market in House of the Dragon.

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