On “Virgin River,” is Jack the father of Mel’s child? Finally, we have a response.

The fourth season of “Virgin River,” which debuted on Netflix on July 20, provides several long-awaited answers, including whether Jack (Martin Henderson) or Mark (Daniel Gillies), Mel’s late husband, is the biological father of Mel’s child.

There’s a strong possibility that after viewing the “Virgin River” Season Three finale, you wanted to hurl your computer (or phone, or TV, or however else you watched the show) across the room.

Why? Because ultimately, just when Jack and Mel appeared to be enjoying their relationship, they received yet another “Virgin River”-caliber twist.

When Mel confessed that she was expecting and that he might not be the father, Jack was about to ask the question. You wonder how that’s possible. Gratitude to modern medicine.

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Recounting Mel and Jack’s relationship up until this point

Let’s get caught up. Mel, a nurse practitioner, relocated to the little Californian town in order to heal. She recently experienced a miscarriage and the death of her husband, Mark, who was killed in a vehicle accident.

She met Jack (Martin Henderson), a Marine veteran and bar owner, not even a day after moving. They were inseparable, and he had a girlfriend as well.

Due to Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), Jack’s ex, being pregnant with his twins, their relationship has seen a few on-again, off-again phases.

Due to their divergent views on the future, Mel and Jack split up in Season Three. Jack claims he’s overburdened by the thought of raising three kids while also managing a business, and Mel wants a child.

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Mel resolves to handle parenthood differently when she returns to Los Angeles. She goes back to the IVF facility where she and Mark had been receiving treatment and asks to use the final two embryos.

She quickly goes back to Virgin River and rekindles her relationship with Jack. These closely spaced occurrences made Mel (and, obviously, all of us) wonder: Who is the baby’s father?

Who is the baby’s father, Mel? Tell us!

We do, don’t we? the tension So, in the Season Four finale of “Virgin River,” Mel receives paperwork containing details about the child she is carrying, including the father’s identity.

Mel first has little desire to examine the documentation. She claims she is not required to know. On the other side, Jack is curious. They have a grounding chat before opening the email in which they state that it doesn’t matter what’s in it because they’re all in this together.

Like many of us “Virgin River” viewers, Jack struggles to understand the “medical-ese.” For the nth time, Mel’s medical degree is useful in this situation.

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Please begin the drumroll: The father of the child is Jack, and a girl is on the way. Jack’s response? “Holy crap, man. We’re expecting a girl, right? Right now, I’m ecstatic.”

But about Charmaine’s twins…

Jack had believed up until this point that he was the father of Charmaine’s twin sons. They haven’t yet been born (how time works in “Virgin River” is unknown to us).

At the conclusion of the season, Charmaine shows up in a desperate situation at Mel’s house. She is suffering and experiencing a panic attack because she fears losing her children.

She doesn’t explain how she got into this situation, but it might have something to do with her three-week marriage to Todd (Patrick Sabongui). Todd seems to be in charge because he made them move to Eureka, California, without Charmaine’s consent. Jack is open about his dislike of Todd, who treats Charmaine with behaviours that are typical of emotionally abusive relationships, such as gaslighting and love bombing.

“This is karma. I’m being made to pay. It’s my fault for lying “Charmaine reveals that Jack is not the father, but she does not identify him. Another paternity mystery awaits us in Season 5 as the season ends in darkness. Hope Charmaine receives the treatment she requires in the upcoming season.

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