On Apple MacBook Air M1 laptop Croma offering discount

Here’s what we know about Apple MacBook Air M1 discounts on Croma India:

Are you thinking of getting a new Apple MacBook? Then right now might be an excellent time to take advantage of this offer. We are selling the Apple MacBook Air M1, which is a one-generation older, throughout this Christmas season. The laptop is reportedly cheap by Rs. 20,000 on Croma this time of year. We currently know the following:

Apple MacBook Air M1 Laptop – Deals on Croma India 

In case you’re not aware! One of the best-performing laptops from Apple is this MacBook Air M1. Even though the laptop was introduced in 2020, it currently has a competitive performance level when compared to other Windows laptops.

A new replacement MacBook has already been released by Apple. However, we think that the Croma price makes the M1 model, which is a year older, a fantastic option for you to think about.

This laptop was initially released in 2020 with a high price tag of Rs. 99,999, but it has since undergone a significant price reduction. Croma has already reduced the price of this laptop to Rs. 89,990, and they are now offering an additional discount of Rs. 10,000 that is only valid for customers using HDFC Bank credit cards.

to announce some good news! If you do not have enough cash on hand to make the laptop purchase. The Qik EMI card enables you to obtain an EMI as well. Additionally, if you use this HDFC credit card, EMI payments are free of charge. But only the 6, 9, and 12-month options come with this No Cost EMI.

If purchasing this laptop has finally crossed your mind, have a look at its specifications below:

What does this Apple MacBook Air M1 feature?

The newly released Apple MacBook Air M1 features the newly created M1 chipset, as suggested by the model name, in terms of specifications.

This M1 chipset includes a new 8-core CPU, a 16-core neural engine, a 7-core GPU, and other capabilities. The 13.3-inch LED-backlit IPS display panel used for this laptop’s screen has been extended to accommodate a maximum resolution of 1560 x 1600 pixels.

This laptop boasts faster RAM with a maximum capacity of 8GB and faster SSD storage with a maximum capacity of 256GB.

This MacBook Air M1 laptop’s battery life of 15 hours, which can be increased to 18 hours thanks to the best performance-centric and battery-efficient processor, is one of the main reasons you should think about buying it. A 30W wired charger is also included with this laptop, which is much faster. the long battery life it offers! The overall battery life of this laptop will be good.

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