Old Hollywood stars who are still alive and kicking

Hollywood has its roots with some of the greatest actors who have provided a base for good movies. The remakes of their movies are going Houseful, and people are crazy over their shows. Some of these Hollywood stars have made it to the hall of fame and are still alive and kicking the industry with their unique skills.

Clint Eastwood Junior is a man who gained immense fame from his movie “Man with no name” he keeps on being the industry’s role model. This handsome hunk was a heart stealer of his time and would woo the girls at his time and is still making his name in the industry with unforgettable hits like “Cry Macho”. This man of a generation keeps on moving to create an era for himself.

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Sophia Loren is an Italian actress who has gained immense fame from her iconic role in “Two Women”. Her acting in the role stands as a milestone for various budding artists, and she is even recognized as one of the most profound and versatile actresses in the history of Hollywood. Recently she had her documentary released on Netflix titled “What Would Sophie Loren Do?” which was a sheer masterpiece of acting and direction.

Morgan Freeman, well known for his iconic role in the movie “The Shashank Redemption”, he stands as one of the finest actors in the industry. Despite his age, he is still providing the industry with a remarkable masterpiece like Now You See Me and sequels.

He is said to be a person of humble nature and dedication towards work; it is believed that he carries a ring with him, which is said to pay for his final rituals if he dies somewhere remote. A person with such a taste for top-notch acting and humble nature is a true gem. He continues to play the role of a wise older man in various movies like Lucy.

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