Nykaa’s Chief Financial Officer Resigns,Details Here

Nykaa’s Chief Financial Officer Resigns

After more than two years of service, Nykaa’s chief financial officer, Arvind Agarwal, resigns.

On November 22, Nykaa’s chief financial officer, Arvind Agarwal, resigned. In July 2020, Arvind, a key managerial individual (KMP) who oversaw the company’s IPO, joined Nykaa from Amazon.

Arvind Agarwal’s resignation was announced on Tuesday by FSN E-Commerce Ventures, which conducts business as Nykaa.

“Arvind deserves praise for the crucial part he played in Nykaa’s transformation into a listed and successful start-up. While we regret losing him, we respect his privacy and wish him the best of luck,” said Falguni Nayar, founder and chairperson of the organisation.

According to Agarwal, his education at Nykaa had equipped him to explore a variety of opportunities for personal growth in the start-up and digital economy sectors.

“It has been great to be a part of the incredible Nykaa journey thus far. All my learning and experiences to date, have set me up for pursuing different personal growth opportunities in the digital economy and start-up space. I wish Nykaa the very best for the growth path ahead and will always be a part of the Nykaa Family,” Agarwal said in a statement.

Before joining Nykaa in 2020, Arvind Agarwal served as FP&A Leader & Business Controller at Amazon. He spent more than five years as CFO and Financial Controller at Vodafone India as of 2012.

As CFO of Vodafone India’s largest circle, Arvind oversaw the finance department and collaborated with other companies to rekindle the company’s double-digit growth story. Agarwal also actively engaged in circle visits by the Vodafone Chairman and Group CFO, as well as national and regional reviews.

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