NFT marketplace Japanese gaming giant’s hiring spree ahead

Japanese gaming powerhouses go on a hiring spree in ahead of NFT NEWS.

Konami, the giant of Japanese gaming, is attempting to increase the size of its crypto-knowledgeable skill pool as it looks to improve Web3 and metaverse “encounters” and a nonfungible token (NFT) commercial hub.

The gaming juggernaut is the most recent big brand to express interest in increasing its Web3 contributions by seeking for new talent.

The company announced on October 13 that it was hiring a “extensive variety of ability” for “framework development and administration improvement,” linking with upcoming metaverse and Web3 stages.

Konami said that it has been pioneering innovative work to incorporate the “latest technology” into its games and content, and that it also has plans to launch an NFT trading platform where users may trade in-game electronic items.

The company is well-known in traditional Japanese gaming communities as the distributor of Frogger, Castlevania, Metal Stuff Strong, and Dance Insurgency.

For its foray into Web3, Konami is looking to hire a number of positions, including framework engineers, developers, project leaders, originators, and chiefs.

A “amazing computerised object distribution stage” that conforms to Japanese regulations for blockchain gaming will be dealt with by the successful candidates.

Konami has already dealt with nonfungibles. To celebrate the anniversary of the Castlevania franchise’s founding, the company sent off a variety of NFTs in January.

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However, some traditional Japanese gaming companies have made big forays into NFTs that have backfired. The best example of this is Ubisoft’s Quartz stage, which has recently come under fire.

Ubisoft President Yves Guillemot hinted last month that the company was enthusiastic about NFTs, but that it had only been in “research mode” at the time.

Some gamers viewed the entry of Japanese gaming companies into the NFT market as a money grab. Additionally, the mining mechanism used to create them, known as proof-of-work, raised environmental concerns. However, many of these issues can now be put to rest because Ethereum, the industry standard for NFTs, has switched to proof-of-stake.

In 2022, NFT transactions declined in line with the more severe crypto bear market. Since their recent record highs of more than $400 million, NFT deals on the largest commercial centre in the world, OpenSea, have fallen as much as almost 100%.

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