NBA 2022-23: Top 10 Power Forwards

Duncan Tim, Charles Malone Patrick McHale. When we hear “power Forwards,” we immediately picture these athletes. How quickly things may change over a generation or two.

Yes, the back-to-the-basket four-man is as archaic as the phone booth, and many of the top players at the position now are responsible for leading the offence as point-forwards. Although LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Kevin Durant make their money handling the ball and attacking from the perimeter, they are almost as many playmakers as scorers. However, they are all power forwards in today’s game.

We’ve attempted to compile a ranking of the best ten power forwards in the NBA for the 2022–23 campaign while considering anticipated growth and decline. It is a component of the Tuesday announcement of the NBA’s Top 100 players.

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One of the most competitive positions in the league is a power forward, especially at the top, where there is no shortage of past and present MVP contenders. Browse the list, and feel free to point out anything we did incorrectly. Not that you required our inquiry.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Even though the versatile two-time MVP could play various positions, he ranks as our top power forward. He dominates the paint on both sides of the floor with his strength and tenacity, hitting 80.8 per cent on three-foot attempts and blocking 1.4 shots a game. He can also spread the floor, but as a point forward rather than a shooter, in keeping with current trends.

Kevin Durant

This is not the power forward of your grandfather. Although Durant may be classified as a shooting guard based solely on his skill set, his almost 7-foot frame allows him to play the four, where he can do things that make him an even bigger matchup problem than he already is. KD, arguably the most refined pure scorer in basketball, led all forwards in points per possession with assists (minimum 1,000 possessions) and averaged a career-high 6.4 assists per game last year.

LeBron James

The Lakers point guard is him. LeBron will take charge when it’s necessary. But considering LeBron’s growing reliance on 3-point shooting, I like viewing him through the perspective of a stretch four. Last year, LeBron attempted eight three-pointers a game, or 34% of his non-garbage time shots, a career-best. He averaged more than 30 points per game and made them at a 36 per cent clip. Think about those figures for anyone, not just a soon-to-be 38-year-old, when you add in more than eight rebounds, six assists, a steal, and a block per night. Ever. James is still unquestionably one of the top-10 players in the world, so even that recognition is moderately offensive.

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Zion Williamson

Williamson is so tiny for a power forward at 6 feet 6 inches that it seems unfair even to assign him a position. However, given his immense strength, he can utterly take down any big defender who dares to stand in his way. He almost exclusively attacks the rim, but not in the conventional back-to-the-basket manner. His typical behaviour is that of a point-forward, bringing the ball up the floor and then sprinting hard at the basket. It’s over if you give him a chance to gain a head start on the basket.

Karl Anthony Towns

Towns recently referred to himself as “one of the best offensive players and talents the NBA has ever seen” in an interview with CBS Sports. He has a compelling argument, particularly regarding big men. Larry Bird is the only player in league history to have averaged at least 24 points, nine rebounds, and 41 per cent of his 3-point attempts over multiple seasons. Towns will have the chance to demonstrate how his abilities can lead to playoff success now that he is on the best team of his career.

Pascal Siakam

Siakam keeps the opponent alert while he has the ball in his hands. He employs a variety of spins and hesitation plays to enter the paint, and once he does, he is a deft finisher who is strong enough to take contact near the rim but as likely to loft the ball in from floater range. He can locate cutters, make timely cuts himself, and play either side of the pick-and-roll in the positionless system used by the Raptors. He is designed to switch onto anyone and cause chaos at the top of a zone on defence. It’s about making tiny, steady progress now that he’s 28 and into his sixth season.

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Draymond Green

As challenging to categorise as any basketball player, Green is a point guard offensively while also defending centres, wings, and power forwards. But regardless of how you classify him, his excellence on both ends of the floor is evident. Green’s passing, screen-setting, and communication help the Warrior’s offence run smoothly even when his scoring has decreased to almost nothing. On the other hand, until suffering an injury last season, he was the front-runner for Defensive Player of the Year. More than any other league player who doesn’t score goals, Green most likely helps his team win.

Jaren Jackson Jr.

Jackson was a defensive juggernaut last season, ranking fourth in league with 2.2 blocks per game while opponents only made 41.7 per cent of the attempts he defended, the fourth-closest percentage in the NBA. Johnson used to shoot brilliantly from 3, but his rate dropped to 32 per cent last year. Even in the crowded Western Conference, he has a chance to be an All-Star if he can combine shooting and defence in the same season and find a way to avoid getting into foul trouble.

Evan Mobley

Mobley is a true 7-footer who possesses the quickness of a much smaller person. Although he was more of a finisher than an initiator as a rookie, it’s easy to be optimistic about the potential of his offensive game. Ideally, he becomes more at ease outside the arc, and his movements become less robotic. He can be significant in his defensive role, which requires him to wander around, disrupt plays, and cover for his less adaptable colleagues, even if it takes some time. Last season, Mobley finished behind the paint-bound rim protectors Jakob Poeltl and Rudy Gobert in shot competitions.

Jerami Grant

Grant spent the majority of his career as a small forward. Still, in today’s NBA, he fits the mould of an extraordinarily flexible four who can stretch to the 3-point line, guard various positions, and develop his offence when necessary. Now that he’s flanking Damian Lillard in Portland, he’ll have less bucket-getting to do and should be able to return to a more active version of the role he excelled in Denver. The Blazers should benefit from his skill as a spot-up shooter and isolation defender.

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