More than 43,000 accounts Twitter ban for violation of policy

Hello friends today we will talkig about Twitter ban account for violation of policy. According to the microblogging service’s monthly compliance report, which was published on Tuesday, 2nd August, Twitter, which is involved in a legal dispute with the Indian government over information obstructing orders, decided to ban more than 43,140 accounts of Indian users in June for breaking its rules.

Twitter has removed 40,982 profiles for child sex abuse, quasi-nudity, and similar materials while suspending 2,158 identities for supporting terrorism. The site received 724 complaints through its local grievance process in India between May 26, 2022, and June 25, 2022, and 122 URLs were finally addressed.

Earlier in May, Twitter had also suspended over 46,000 profiles for the same reasons. 2,870 of these 46,000 accounts were banned for supporting terrorism or indirectly participating in it.

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According to Article 4(d) of India’s Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, Twitter is required to publicly release a report each month outlining how it addresses local complaints from the public, as well as any disciplinary actions that have been taken. The number of URLs for which Twitter has opted to collect measurements as a result of ongoing monitoring must also be included in the report.

While we encourage everyone to express themselves on our platform, Twitter stated in the report that it does not accept behaviour that intimidates, threatens, dehumanises, or uses fear to stifle the opinions of others.

A large percentage of accounts that are suspended for supporting terrorism and child sex exploitation are proactively reported by a mix of technology and other specifically designed internal proprietary methods, the firm added in the study.

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According to the new IT Rules 2021, major social media and digital networking platforms with more than 5 million users must submit monthly compliance reports.

Twitter petitioned the Karnataka High Court last month to contest the Indian government’s request to delete particular information from its website on the grounds that the material banning directions from the IT Ministry do not “clear the test of the grounds mentioned under Section 69A of the IT Act.”

Twitter argued in its writ petition that numerous accounts and pieces of content that were subject to the banning orders were either “overbroad and arbitrary,” failed to inform the “originators” of the content, or in certain cases were “disproportionate.” In a letter dated June, the IT Ministry warned Twitter of severe repercussions if it disobeyed requests to remove particular information.

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