Mercedes Benz announces its partnership with Google that brings YouTube and Maps for customers

Mercedes Benz was the first carmaker to create its own branded navigation experience based on new in-car data and navigation capabilities from the Google Maps Platform when it announced its cooperation with Google on Wednesday. The future Mercedes Operating System will include functions like automated rerouting-like capabilities, precise information about locations, real-time and predictive traffic information, etc.

This agreement aims to provide clients with Google services without giving Google complete control over its operating system. At a news conference held on Monday at its R&D facility, Mercedes Benz CEO Ola Kallenius stated, “This is a licence deal that is win-win for both sides. In order to use functions like automated speed adjustment before crossroads, roundabouts, or bends, Mercedes Benz will be able to access Google Maps data thanks to this cooperation. Together with these functions, the Google cooperation also integrates YouTube into the infotainment system of Mercedes Benz vehicles.

The business is excited to expand its cooperation with Google and roll out new products. “Our relationship with Mercedes-Benz delivers innovative technologies from Google Maps Platform, Cloud, and YouTube to help build new experiences,” Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, said in response. We will offer our AI and data capabilities to Mercedes Benz in order to speed up their sustainability efforts, advance autonomous driving, and improve the consumer experience in addition to helping them construct a personalised navigation interface.

Mercedes has undoubtedly taken a step forward in automating its vehicles in order to compete with Chinese and Tesla-like businesses.


What is Mercedes Benz partnered with?

Mercedes-Benz is dedicated to developing its automobiles for the contemporary, digital era, so collaborating with Cisco was a logical choice given that firm’s expertise in safe, user-friendly communication via Webex.

Can I connect Google Maps to my Mercedes?

CarPlay is a component of Mercedes-Smartphone Benz’s Integration package, and depending on your car, it may be wired or wireless (you need to plug in your phone via the cable to be able to use CarPlay).


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