Meghan Markle Opens Up About The ‘Bimbo’ Incident

Meghan Markle asks guests to “explore, analyze, and disrupt the categories that try to keep women back”. On her weekly Archetypes podcast on Spotify. The Duchess of Sussex invited Paris Hilton. An unexpected celebrity guest to the performance this week.

“In this frank and enlightening episode, Meghan deconstructs the term “Bimbo.” She explains why intelligence and attractiveness in women have historically been compared favorably. Meghan strikes up a startling and enlightening chat with Paris Hilton. Paris discusses the stereotype that defines her. She sometimes contributed to it. She is finally coming into her own. “The episode’s summary is as follows. Meghan also admits to having been “reduced to a bimbo.”

On “Deal or No Deal,” Meghan Markle got a job that would change her career.

Meghan said it was one of her most significant breaks when she was chosen to play a “briefcase girl.” However, she was appreciative of the employment. It helped with the bills. She claims it had a significant negative impact on her self-esteem.

She transitioned from working as a briefcase girl to an intern.

 “There were times I was on set and remembering my time working as an intern. In the motorcade with the security of treasury at the time. Being valued specifically for my brain.” She had also studied international relations in college. 

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She Alleges Being Objectified

She continued by saying that while they were filming every week. She and the other models received tan spray coupons. “There was a very predetermined notion of how we ought to seem. It wasn’t necessarily about intelligence. It was only about attractiveness, “She went on.

She was also told to “Suck It In” by a woman.

“I’ll never forget one particular detail when I think back on that period: There was a woman who oversaw the act, and she would be present backstage. I can still hear her voice now. She had trouble pronouncing my last name at the time, but I could tell whom she was speaking to because she would say, “Markle, suck it in!”

She Was Downgraded to a “Bimbo”

She continued, saying that she was “thankful” for the opportunity. She wasn’t as grateful for how it made her feel. “By the way, many intelligent women were around me on that stage. It wasn’t the main reason we were there. I would always leave the theatre feeling sick because I knew. I was much more than what was being objectified there. Being compelled to fit into this archetype. I felt I had to be all show and little substance.”

Meghan’s former co-star refutes her assertions.

” The executive producers chose five models with the most outgoing and engaging personalities. To place mics on whom they KNEW would connect with the competitors. She passionately refuted claims. “We were never treated like bimbos on Deal or No Deal. Fremantle and @nbc’s presentation gave us a tonne of opportunity, “Jordan was sure.

She insists that the programme was respectful and kind.

“I have been defending Meghan in the media for years. I will continue to do so. Instead, I didn’t want any mistakes about the culture—the environment on the Deal or No Deal set. And I’m especially guarding @howiemandel. He treated ALL 26 of us with kindness and respect, “Jordan said.

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