Matt Ryan’s Upcoming Journey In Indianapolis

On Sunday, long after most of its users had left the visitor’s locker room at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Matt Ryan gritted his teeth to complete the most basic of tasks: putting on a shirt.

The quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts was visibly in discomfort and spent a lot of time in the training room following the defeat to the Tennessee Titans. After that, he crept back to his locker and diligently tried to raise his arm above his head.

Matt Ryan

When Colts coach Frank Reich revealed on Monday that Ryan had suffered a Grade 2 separated shoulder and that the team would be turning to backup quarterback Sam Ehlinger for the remainder of the season, the incident took on even more significance. According to Reich, they would take this action even without the injuries.

The unexpected discoveries from Monday have raised a lot of issues, many of which will have a significant impact on the franchise.

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Is It The End In Indianapolis For Matt Ryan?

Even once Ryan’s shoulder recovers, it’s unlikely he will recover from this without hurting Ehlinger.

The Colts offence has been among the league’s poorest performers. Ryan also has the most interceptions in the NFL, with nine. Ryan’s lack of protection from the Colts, whose once-dominant offensive line has failed, is not all his responsibility. The Colts are also 29th in the NFL regarding rushing yards per carry (3.5). Around Ryan, there has been no infrastructure.

However, Ryan could not overcome it, so the offence is operating at an unsustainable pace.

Matt Ryan’s Contract

After trading for Ryan, the Colts altered his contract. That shifted a portion of his guaranteed compensation to the contract’s final year, 2023. If the Colts decide to split ways with Ryan after this season, they would be responsible for paying $18 million in salary-cap money.

If he doesn’t move or leaves the roster, Ryan will get a $21.7 million base salary in 2023. The Colts have until March to decide on his future because he is also due a $7.5 million roster bonus.

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