Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Yet Another Game That Feels Made For Ultrawide Displays

The PC version of Spider-Man contains several significant improvements over Horizon Zero Dawn. All of Spider-cutscenes Man’s have been stretched and reframed to accommodate more significant resolutions, so you never feel like your screen real estate is being wasted, unlike Horizon, which presented its cutscenes in the original 16:9.

Ray-tracing and DLSS are also supported by Spider-Man, although Horizon did not. When working with a 5120×1440 resolution, you need all the performance assistance you can get. Deep Learning Super Sampling can help you get a lot of extra frames. Technically speaking, Spider-Man is more refined and, assuming your gear can handle it, a more aesthetically stunning game than Horizon.

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The atmosphere and gameplay of Spider-Man give it the most significant benefit when it comes to ultrawide. With Spider-Man, you get breathtaking skylines, whereas ultrawide in Horizon enables you to take in more of the stunning environments. The sense of vastness is overwhelming as New York City is spread out in its entirety in front of you. The setting seems more active and alive when seeing more of the metropolis.

When Manhattan is spread out in front of you, perching on the edge of Avengers Tower and taking in the view is a different experience. Without a sufficiently wide lens, it is impossible to comprehend the vast world.

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As soon as you jump from the first rooftop and begin swinging through the city, the massive show pays for itself. Due to the nature of camera lenses, all ultrawide displays have a flaw. The edges of the field of view are stretched and distorted by real cameras, virtual game engine cameras, and even our eyes. Your brain adjusts for this issue in your eyes automatically.

However, ultrawide monitors greatly amplify this distortion at the margins. Amazingly, Spider-Man makes this flawed work to his benefit.

As you web-swing around the metropolis, the extending at the edges gives you a greater sense of speed and acceleration. The structures and features in your peripheral range expand past you as you soar from the tops of skyscrapers and dart between trees in Central Park, giving the impression that you are moving even faster.

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The aspect ratio’s tunneling effect makes swinging down avenues and into alleyways much more thrilling. Check out this Game Spot video in ultra-wide 21:9, then picture it in 32:9. It’s challenging to explain, but once you experience it, there’s no turning back.

Sony’s attempt to support ultrawide on the PC will significantly influence how the industry adopts the format. The adoption rate will inevitably rise, boosting demand for ultrawide games as monitor prices fall naturally and more and more games come out with ultrawide as a standard.

Contrary to ray-tracing, HDR, and DLSS, all obscure graphics and gaming technologies, ultrawide is a natural, observable, and instantly identifiable technology. You can see right away what a game is and how much value you’re receiving when you see it in ultrawide. While it may be considered niche today, titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man show that playing games ultrawide is how they were supposed to be played.

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