Marvel’s Dark Web Has Begun, Details Inside

The Dark Web event from Marvel Comics is here, and it’s loaded with great Spider-Man memories (as well as the X-Men). Dark Web is the Christmas crossover comic that’s the ideal present for Peter Parker fans as well as Krakoa’s top band of heroes.

It features clones and symbiotes in a supernatural confrontation for the ages. Spider-Man and the X-Men will have no choice but to work together to defend New York as a result of the evil alliance between Chasm and the Goblin Queen.

Marvel’s Dark Web

In an earlier episode of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker was attempting to put his life back together after doing something horrific that caused him to lose most of his friends and family. Readers aren’t yet aware of what he accomplished, but whatever it was taking place soon after the Spider-Man Beyond arc in which Ben Reilly, Peter’s clone, lost a number of the memories he had copied from Parker and turned into the evil Chasm.

Ben has since teamed up with Madeleine Pryor’s Goblin Queen, the evil clone of Jean Grey who has taken over as the new queen of Limbo. Pryor has decided to assist Chasm in stealing Spider-soul Man’s to test the boundaries of her authority and the tenuous peace she has with the X-Men.

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Dark Web #1 by Zeb Wells and Adam Kubert is now available, and thanks to Pryor giving her soldiers to Chasm, a significant demon invasion from the realm of Limbo has begun in New York. The X-Men will team up with Spider-Man to save the day in a scene that is very similar to the original Inferno incident from the 1980s. With Eddie Brock’s Venom, Pryor has also agreed to help him locate his son Dylan in exchange for helping Ben.

Although Eddie has long been a hero in the Marvel Universe, it appears that Pryor and Ben went too far in their attempt to use him as a pawn, returning Venom to his more demonic and primal nature. Due to this, Spider-Man will soon face Ben Reilly and Venom on this new occasion, a thrilling remix of Peter Parker’s earlier hits.

Dark Web is essentially the exciting return of Venom’s original form before he became Marvel’s King in Black, a dark continuation of the Clone Conspiracy, and an Inferno redubbed. Because of this, this crossover will feature a significant wave of enemies striking simultaneously, which Spider-Man couldn’t have anticipated given everything else he’s been up against. After all, Reilly had fallen into a pool of hallucinogenic goo in Spider-Man Beyond and he had no idea what had happened to Ben.

Thus, it is very logical that Peter Parker will work with the X-Men in upcoming issues of the Dark Web. He has no chance of defeating Chasm and Pryor by himself, much less Venom and the newest villain Hallow’s Eve. In any case, Spider-Man fandom is at an all-time high now that the Webslinger is up against both replicants and vintage symbiotes this Christmas. Marvel Comics has just released Dark Web #1.

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What does Marvel’s Dark Web feature?

It features clones and symbiotes in a supernatural confrontation for the ages.

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