Let’s have a look, What’s new in Nothing OS 1.1.4 update?

The latest over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrade has brought Nothing OS 1.1.4 update. One of the most important of the group due to the extraordinary quantity of camera upgrades it delivers is the better colour calibration for the ultra wide-angle camera, which now aligns it with the primary camera.

A brand-new motion detection technique that improves the stability of moving objects has also never been employed. The company has also increased the rate at which HDR photos are taken with the ultra-wide camera. Photographs can now have a Nothing watermark added to them.

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One of the most recent innovations is the seamless integration of functionality from the Nothing Ear 1 app into Nothing OS 1.1.4 update. This implies that using the Ear1 app will not be necessary to manage and change the settings for the wireless earbuds.

In the future, the phone will also support LHDC high-definition audio. The three-button navigation bar on the phone can now be turned, albeit with a minor change. The September 2022 Android security update will be included in Nothing OS 1.1.4 update, and the phone’s always-on display will be optimised to save battery life.

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Even while there haven’t been many reports of the phone overheating, it does have a face unlock algorithm and increased thermal performance.

Nothing OS 1.1.4 update fixes a number of network difficulties that were prevalent with specific carriers in addition to the standard bug fixes. Both the fingerprint problem with the HDFC Bank app and the fault that caused incoming calls to seem to be from an unknown number are also fixed.

Everything in this upgrade is significant, and Nothing is still dedicated to its phone. Please be patient if you haven’t already received it; it’s presently rolling out. The upgrade can be sideloaded as usual even though the download links are not currently accessible.

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