Learn How to download Twitter videos on your iPhone, Android smartphone

Twitter might not be designed for videos, but it’s still a surprisingly good place to find intriguing clasps. In order for everyone to enjoy the good moments, you would actually need to share a lot of those. Regrettably, while Twitter allows downloading photos in only a few snaps, videos have a different set of restrictions. Neither the work area webpage nor any of the Twi-tter applications currently support downloading videos. But there are workarounds, just like there are for everything. Customers who use third-party programmes can download Twitter recordings to their devices. Additionally, what’s most remarkable about it? You wouldn’t believe how much easier it is.

Downloading Twitter recordings on an Android gadget:

There are several apps on the Play Store for this purpose, but we recommend Tweeload due to its usability and carefully thought-out UI. Once the application has been launched, use the below-listed methods.

Once you’ve located the tweet with the video you want to share, tap the offer icon and select “Duplicate Connection.”

Open Tweeload and paste the URL into the text area at the top of the screen after duplicating the connection. Simply use the blue clipboard icon to represent it.

Once that is complete, click the download option below.
That will store the video by default to your gallery, where you can undoubtedly share it. However, you may also use the stir things up in town icon in the top right corner to find downloaded recordings.

Downloading Twitter recordings on an iOS gadget:

We’ll use the Alternate Routes app, which is available for download from the Application Store, to download Twitter recordings to an iPad or iPhone. Once the application has been introduced, use the methods below.

On your iOS devices, open the Settings app and scroll down until you see the Alternate Ways app listed there.

  • Turn it on by tapping it and selecting “Permit Untrusted Alternate Paths” from the menu.
  • Open this link on your device, then hit Get Alternative method.
  • The Alternate methods programme will launch the Twitter Video Downloader alternate download page.
  • Tap “Add Untrusted Alternate route” by looking down.
  • Once Twitter is open, find the tweet with the video you want to post.
  • To find another Twitter Video Downloader option, tap the offer sign. Choose it You’ll be asked to choose whether you believe your downloaded video should be of high, medium, or low quality before the alternative method sends off.
  • You can locate the video in your display once you’ve made your choice.

Twitter recording downloads to a computer or workstation:

  • Find the tweet that contains the video you need to download on Twitter.
  • By right-clicking the video and copying its location, you can duplicate the connection.
  • After pasting the duplicate URL into the text box on Twitter Video Downloader, select “Download.”
  • The page will reload to provide you some details about the formats you can download the video in.
  • For the download to begin automatically, click on one of those.

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