Learn How to combine videos on iPhone

On your iPhone, have you shot at least two videos that you might want to combine into a single file? In the event that this is the case, you can combine and edit your recordings using the free iMovie programme.

Step by step instructions to Join Numerous Videos on Your iPhone Utilizing PowerDirector

Stage 1 – Download PowerDirector – Free Video Merger Application On iPhone and Android

You must first visit the Google Play or Apple app store to find the appropriate application for your device. Whatever device you use, your download is free and immediate.

Stage 2 – Tap +New Venture and Pick the Task Proportion with Best Video Combiner

Then, you should select +New Project, which will take you to a dialogue that gives you the option to perform two different things:

Give your project a name. You are free to choose any name by typing it into the box. The application will choose a default name for you if you don’t already have one.

Choose your project viewpoint ratio. The screen’s placement and the overall lengths of the flat and vertical sides are references in the venture perspective proportion. After making these choices, the application will prompt you to choose whether you need to change in vertical or flat mode. These options refer to the location of your device rather than the final location of your finished video.

Stage 3 Select Videos You Need to Merge/Consolidate

The first step in joining videos on an iPhone or an Android is selecting the videos you wish to combine. PowerDirector automatically combines videos for you when you add several videos.

You can choose your video from one of three different sources, each of which is indicated by a tab at the top of your screen:

Your device, which you may access through the Recents tab. These are videos that you have taken and stored on your device voluntarily.

Pixabay provides free stock imagery. The majority of the Pixabay videos that are available in PowerDirector are either animated or feature nature as their main subject.
iStock/Shutterstock/iStock Master. These stock film companies offer a far wider selection of video footage, although it does require membership.

You also have the option to record another video yourself using PowerDirector. Select the camera icon in the top-right corner of your screen to do this.

Stage 4 – Alter Advances of Merged Videos

You can vary the transition between the videos after you’ve added them by touching the progress icon that PowerDirector places between the two clasps. From the lower section of the screen, choose whatever modification you desire.

Additionally, you can change how long the progress lasts. The slider in the lower-left corner of the screen is used to complete this selection. Although 1.0 seconds is the default period for a progress, you can set any point in time between 0.1 and 4.0 seconds.

Stage 5 – Product Merged Videos to Deliver and Share or Offer via Online Entertainment

Once you’ve finished merging your movies and any more advancements, you may trade them by tapping the top symbol in the top right corner of your screen. With the Produce and Offer option, you may also save it to your device and sell it later.

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