League Of Legends Might Come With An Amazing Horror Game

Lil Nas X was the last notable visitor to the Riot HQ. It turned out that he was writing a song for the Worlds. So what is happening right now? Is the league of legends horror game coming soon?

Lil Nas X On League Of Legends Horror Game

Lil Nas X’s visit to Riot Games, the company that created League of Legends, hinted that something was wrong. You could wonder, “Who is visiting them this time?”

In contrast to the last time, Lil Nas X stopped by for a song. This time, it’s a well-known CEO. He might be collaborating with Riot Games on a new game.

Ikumi Nakamura

Ikumi Nakamura, one of the developers of Bayonetta, The Evil Within, and Ghostwire: Tokyo, is the game designer in question. And we’ve been curious about her ever since she left. She left while Ghostwire: Tokyo was still in the development stage.

We can state that Ikumi Nakamura is an expert in grim horror games because she established her firm, called Unseen Inc. She has created titles like Ghostwire: Tokyo, Bayonetta, and The Evil Within in that genre.

Could this be the upcoming endeavour of Riot Forge, a Riot organisation that creates Runeterra? After all, a Nunu&Willump game is in the pipeline, and we had Ziggs in a beat game.

And so much of the League of Legends narrative features gore and horror. They are appealing elements. A horror game might be just what’s required.

She may have visited the headquarters because of the World Championship. Perhaps we are simply being overly dramatic. So, will there be a horror game for League of Legends? Indeed, there is hope!

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