Latest Destiny 2:Bungie Claims Of No New Secrets

In its most recent update, Bungie states that there have been absolutely no new secrets in Destiny 2.

No Secrets In Destiny 2

Bungie later clarified that build number, the most recent hotfix for Destiny 2, was most definitely not used to release a fresh batch of classified content. Even though it has been some time since the game’s players have had to cooperate to solve a mystery, some of Destiny’s most pivotal moments were directly influenced by covert releases and interactions.

In particular, Destiny 2 hasn’t had any significant new secret quests for a while now. The community is always up for a new mystery. Hotfix, particularly, stands out in this regard. The uniqueness happens even if most of Destiny 2’s hotfixes are generally unremarkable. Reading into their separate patch notes can occasionally suggest something interesting happening in the background.

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Whisper Of The Worm

Unlocking the Whisper of the Worm in Destiny 2 was a highlight activity for many Guardians. It became all the more intriguing because it initially launched as a big secret. Intriguing happened by sending the community into a frenzy of question-seeking. Hotfix’s explicit statement that “no hidden missions or stuff being introduced” is enough to prompt devoted community members to look for solutions. The changelog, to which Community Manager dmg04 eventually reacted, said, “If you want to go hunting, feel free.”

Dmg04 confirms that the hotfix description is accurate and that no significant new features are present in the game. The sole precise patch notice would have been an updated version number for the game. the claimed that it would have appeared even more suspicious to the secret-minded community members, adding that it was “truly simply a test.” Dmg04 already commented on the Destiny 2 weapon crafting suggestions. Since he frequently serves as a conduit between Bungie and the Destiny community, he is highly credible.

Zero Hour In Destiny 2

Of course, asking specific questions could still be beneficial. It’s perplexing that Bungie would release a hotfix that modifies a number. It will happen even if Dmg04 claims the only change was the game’s new version number. The secret missions in Destiny 2, like the presently inaccessible Zero Hour, got a lot of hype, but nothing seems to be happening in that regard.

Fans of Destiny still have a lot to look forward to as the Season of Plunder’s story comes to a close, secrets or no secrets. In particular, the Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 is due to begin very soon. Bungie probably has some surprises in store for the community in addition to the customary Halloween celebrations.

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