Kangana Ranaut wishes she’d ‘kept the child’ after Mandana Karimi’s pregnancy was aborted after her partner backtracked.

Day 41 of Lock Upp's written updates: Mandana Karimi admits to having an abortion after a 'planned pregnancy' while in a secret romance with an 'ace director.'

On Sunday’s episode of Lock Up, Mandana Karimi disclosed that she was dating a filmmaker and was living with him during the lockdown. She didn’t say who he is, but she described him as an “ace director who has built a reputation for himself.” Mandana confessed her secret and avoided being evicted for the week. Kangana Ranaut hosts the show, which airs on Mx Player race Alt Balaji.

Kangana Ranaut expelled Vinit Kakkar from the show after Kangana stated that he had the fewest votes among those designated for eviction in the charge sheet.

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Before they were forced to go for the buzzer and save themselves by disclosing their secret, all of the Lock-Up participants on the charge sheet were presented with a word connected to their secret. The word rehab was shown to Payal Rohatgi, while a best friend was shown to Shivam Sharma. “Famous designer” was exhibited Lock-Upham, while “race director” was shown to Mandana. Mandana escaped eviction by ringing the buzzer first. She revealed her secret and save ed herself from eviction.

Mandana started crying and requested a few moments and a glass of water before continuing. “In a lockdown, there was this moment where I was entirely lost on social media and completely silent for a few months,” she explained. I couldn’t trust men after my divorce. Then I had a covert relationship for a year and a half; it wasn’t committed, but it lasted that long.

“I had a relationship with a well-known director who speaks about women’s rights and independence in the outside world, as well as how a woman should be powerful. Many young people, aspiring filmmakers, and even teens look forward to him because he embodies the idea of starting from the bottom and rising to the top, of having no parents and rising to the top. My relationship with him was kept under wraps since I hadn’t yet divorced, and he made me feel like he could be that friend after everything I’d been through.

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“I kept the connection a secret since I wasn’t divorced yet and didn’t want it to become a thing,” Mandana added. I wanted to show him how much I admired him. We even started living together during the lockdown, and he’d tell me he loved me. She continued, “I started calling him my partner, and he started saying he loved me.”

Mandana then admitted that she had had an abortion. “We planned pregnancy, but when it happened, he backed out because he didn’t think he was emotionally ready to become a father again,” she explained. He is already the father of a child. ‘I did not know you could get pregnant so quickly at the age of 33,’ he exclaimed. We then proceeded to my best friend’s house, where he suggested we talk with them because they are similar to my parents.”

“When we got there, he started talking to my friend and claimed he wasn’t ready,” she continued. He had deliberately constructed the entire scenario in order to persuade me to get an abortion. After that, I apologized to my friends and returned home. When we returned, he began to say, “You should have realized, my ex is still mad at me, and there is a public case against me.” Because I come from a shattered family, I had to make a choice. I made the decision and had an abortion. I’m not going to name that person because he doesn’t deserve to have his name called.”

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After that, Kangana stated, “God has been unkind, no matter how much we talk about equality. We’re being pushed by this bl**** body clock. You can’t wait years or decades to find out if the guy is real every time. Motherly instincts exist in all women, and we all want to be moms. In our world, many girls and women confront similar challenges. What you were up against was both bold and common. Although I respect your decision, I wish you had kept your child.” 

Mandana responded by saying, “People also tell me that I lost a gift. However, I did not want a child with a famous father who is not present. I come from a damaged family and am aware of the emotional ramifications.”

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