“Just Like Moose Wala…”: Salman Khan Is Threatened By Gangsters’ Initials

According to sources, Lawrence Bishnoi, a jailed gangster, was grilled about a threat letter discovered outside actor Salman Khan‘s Mumbai home.

Mr Khan and his father, Salim Khan, are mentioned in the letter. It threatens the two, claiming that they will soon be known as Sidhu Moose Wala, a Punjabi singer who was killed in his automobile last month. In a Facebook post, Canadian criminal Goldy Brar claimed responsibility for the murder.

In Hindi, the letter said, “Salim Khan Salman Khan bahutjaldaapka Moose Walahoga.”

According to the authorities, Salim Khan discovered the note on a bench where he rests every day after jogging.

It also has the initials G.B. and L.B. on it. While G.B. could allude to Goldy Brar, the latter appears to be a reference to Lawrence Bishnoi, who is now being held in a separate cell. It’s unclear whether the letter was written by Bishnoi or if someone exploited their names to cause trouble.

Meanwhile, following the recovery of the threat letter, Mr Khan’s security has been beefed up. Outside his home, the police are also looking into CCTV footage. An investigation has started after a case was filed.

Lawrence allegedly plotted an attack on Mr Khan while filming his 2011 film ‘Ready,’ but it was delayed because to a weapons shortage. Naresh Shetty, a gangster, was then tasked with assassinating the actor.

In addition, another criminal, SampatNaresh, had spent time in Mumbai’s Vashi district with the intention of pursuing the actor. The two criminals had even done a study of his home but were unable to carry out their objectives.

In a case of Salman Khan’s murder conspiracy, Delhi Police captured three sharp shooters from the Bishnoi gang in Vashi.

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