Josh Reynolds, Bulldogs star, was spotted at the match with his stunning new girlfriend

Bulldogs star Josh Reynolds has moved past a failed romance, as seen by his appearance at the game on Sunday with chic digital public relations expert Ciarne Denham.

The 33-year-old NRL player, who recently re-signed with his beloved Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, was at the center of a shocking scandal when his ex-girlfriend Arabella Del Busso was exposed for fabricating many pregnancies and miscarriages while they were dating.

Following accusations from Del Busso, he underwent a highly publicized domestic abuse trial; however, all of the charges and the court case were withdrawn.

Reynolds has made his relationship with Denham public, perhaps putting those issues in the past and finding love again.

According to her LinkedIn profile, the stunning blonde has been employed by digital media company Jaywing for almost five years since she received her degree from the University of Newcastle in 2017.

Reynolds, whom she refers to as “my universe,” and their relationship are confirmed on both her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Denham recently shared a photo of Reynolds and her at Disneyland in Paris, where the two appeared to be in love.

Reynolds was cradling a beaming Denham in his arms, and the two were sporting identical Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears.

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On Sunday afternoon in Parramatta, they left for the NSW Cup grand final between the Panthers and the Bulldogs, where they were photographed cuddling up to each other as Reynolds’ new Bulldogs teammates lost 29–22.

The relationship Reynolds had with Del Busso sharply contrasted with the pure delight the pair appeared to be experiencing while socialising with supporters and friends at the football game.

By coincidence, Del Busso and Denham’s suitable upper thigh tattoos are strikingly identical, indicating that the star Bulldog might have a thing for tattooed women.

He will undoubtedly be hoping that his new girlfriend won’t bring even the slightest amount of the stress Del Busso—whose actual name is Donna Preuska—brought him during their one-year romance.

Del Busso acknowledged on SAS Australia in 2020 that she faked several pregnancies and miscarriages while dating Reynolds out of fear that he would leave her.

Reynolds further asserted that Del Busso gave her $4,000 for the burial despite lying to him about her mother’s passing.

But finally, Reynolds seems to have moved over the controversy, and he will now try to make the most of his improbable comeback to the Bulldogs.

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