Johnny Depp Turns Against The Defamation Trial Payout To Amber Heard

The Virginia jury had concluded that Johnny Depp was “vicariously liable” for remarks made by his lawyer to a tabloid in 2020, in line with Amber Heard’s argument. She had received the $2 million countersuit claim as a result.

Actor Johnny Depp has now filed paperwork to appeal a Virginia court’s finding that one of his lawyers defamed his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, months after he won the defamation suit. Johnny was given $10.35 million in damages from Amber Heard in the defamation action. During the same trial, the Virginia jury decided to grant her $2 million in a countersuit claim.

Johnny Depp Against Defamation Trial Payout

In Virginia, the US complaint was heard in court between April and May of this year. It was predicated on the claim that in a 2018 op-ed for the Washington Post, Amber had defamed Johnny by referring to herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Although Johnny was not mentioned by name in the op-ed, he said it damaged his reputation and destroyed his career.

According to Fox News, which examined Johnny’s records, the judge should reverse the verdict on Ms Heard’s counterclaim. He stated that, aside from that, he supported the jury’s verdict.”Mr. Depp was completely vindicated and had his reputation restored by the jury’s emphatic favourable finding on all three claimed defamatory comments in his case. However, the trial court had to decide a number of innovative and complex legal and factual issues. Although it made the vast majority of its decisions intelligently and correctly, some of its decisions were incorrect ,read the report.

The jury had come to the same conclusion as Amber: Johnny was “vicariously liable” for statements made by his lawyer to a tabloid in 2020. His lawyers contend that because Adam Waldman was employed as an independent contractor, Johnny wasn’t accountable for his words in the appeal. According to the most recent document, the verdict against Mr. Depp cannot be sustained because “No evidence of Mr. Waldman’s genuine intent was shown at trial.  The report states that Johnny’s team also claimed Adam’s statements were non-actionable statements of opinion insufficient to support a claim of defamation.

After two years of marriage, Johnny and Amber separated a year before the op-ed was released. She said that throughout their relationship, Johnny had abused her emotionally, physically, and sexually.

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