Johnny Depp responds to Amber Heard’s effort to get the trial verdict overturned.

The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial may not be the daily televised spectacle it once was, but the Hollywood A-listers are still fighting over the law.

Giant Freakin Robot recently revealed that Heard’s lawyers have submitted paperwork asking for the decision to be thrown out and a new trial. Depp has responded to the request through his legal team, and it is obvious that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is giving his ex-wife no quarter, arguing that her request is illegitimate and referring to her attempt as “baseless and frivolous.”

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A Virginia jury awarded Johnny Depp $15 million in damages on June 1 after weeks of testimony and a sideshow outside the courtroom that included supporters, protesters, and even alpacas dressed as pirates. Depp had originally sued for $50 million.

All of his allegations that Amber Heard intentionally slandered him in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed co-written by the ACLU were upheld by the jury. Heard made allegations of relationship abuse in the op-ed without directly mentioning Depp. Heard’s allegation wasn’t believed by the jury, and now that the judgement has been rendered, Heard and her attorneys are asserting that one of the jurors who rendered the verdict was ineligible to serve on the panel. They even imply that the juror might have given false information about themselves in an effort to influence the outcome.

In their rebuttal, Johnny Depp’s counsel claim that Heard’s attorneys were aware of a discrepancy in the birth year of a person only known as “Juror 15” even before the trial had begun. The juror in question was actually born in 1970, despite records claiming otherwise.

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Although we don’t know precisely what kind of documents the disparity was in or whether it was an honest mistake or an intentional deception, we do know that Amber Heard’s defence team didn’t voice any concerns before the trial began or before the verdict. Heard’s lawyers never complained, despite the fact that there were two backup jurors ready in case any jurors had to be removed.

Heard’s accusation, according to Depp’s counsel, is “baseless contention” and unfounded. Although obviously disappointed with the trial’s conclusion, the law firm of Brown Rudnick contended that “Ms. Heard has discovered no reasonable basis to set aside in any respect the jury’s finding.”

According to their statement, a verdict can only be overturned legally if the court determines it to be “plainly incorrect or without evidence to support it.” Among the many things working in Johnny Depp’s favour is the fact that the response was given after the July 1 deadline for Amber Heard to submit a request or appeal.

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Amber Heard is still making a good living even though Johnny Depp could have to wait a while to receive anything from her for the Justice League actress. Even if she is deleted from the finished movie, she is reportedly owed $2 million for her part in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

She also reportedly agreed to a multi-million dollar book contract in which she would chronicle their relationship’s story from her perspective. She also received $2 million in damages as a result of the jury’s finding that one of Depp’s attorneys had slandered her.

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That sum will probably be deducted from the amount she owes Depp, with insurance companies covering the majority of the remaining balance. That might alter, though, given that Heard is already the target of yet another lawsuit. This time, her own insurance company has filed a lawsuit, claiming that they are not liable for paying a portion of the $15 million in verdicts that are owed to Depp. In terms of his career, Depp will soon make a comeback. His next movie, La Favorite, in which he plays Louis XV, is expected to be released on Netflix at the earliest in 2023.

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