John Carmack, Consulting CTO Of Meta’s VR Business Announces His Resignation

John Carmack posted the internal message in which he announced his departure on social media. He claimed that the post had been leaked to the media, so he posted it in the open to stop the media from extracting “a few chosen pieces” from it.

John Carmack, a consultant Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Meta-owned Oculus VR, announced his retirement in an internal post that “was leaked to the press.” He later expressed regret over the incident on social media.

Carmack posted the article on Facebook “just as the internal employees saw it” to prevent the press from extracting “a few chosen elements” from it.

John Carmack

“As anyone who listens to my unscripted Connect talk shows, I have always been pretty frustrated with how things get done at FB/Meta. Everything necessary for spectacular success is right there, but it doesn’t get put together effectively,” read the 52-year-old’s Facebook post, also a renowned video game developer.

According to him, there is a “notable divide” between him and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on strategic matters, thus continuing to advocate his point of view internally would be “particularly frustrating.”

Carmack said, “I am all in on building AGI at Keen Technologies.” He started the artificial intelligence (AI) business Keen Technologies earlier this year.

He became the CTO of Oculus VR in 2013, and Meta acquired it in 2014. (then Facebook Inc.). He downsized his position in 2019 to Consulting CTO to focus more time on artificial general intelligence (AGI).

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When did John Carmack become the CTO of Oculus VR?

He became the CTO of Oculus VR in 2013, and Meta acquired it in 2014.

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