Joey Gallo, the all-or-nothing Yankee, bids Farewell!

The slugger outfielder who was famed for his home runs walks, and strikeouts lived up to his early reputation—in a way. He might be set free by trade to Los Angeles.

With Joey Gallo, the Yankees were aware of what to expect.

All they had to do was picture a Giancarlo Stanton-sized outfielder who could play Gold Glove defence, was a competent communicator with the media and had a batting style that unwas cannily like Rob Deer.

Baseball’s “three genuine outcomes” are frequently walks, strikeouts, and home runs; for Gallo, these seemed to be the only options. He fulfilled his pledge in that regard.

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Before being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday, Gallo’s final stats in 140 games with the Yankees were:159 batting average, 25 home runs, 77 walks, and 194 strikeouts.

The three genuine outcomes, so-called because they often only involve the pitcher and catcher on defence, accounted for 59 per cent of his plate appearances, exceeding his prior career high with Texas of 58.2 per cent.

Gallo’s situation deteriorated to the point last October when he appeared to be criticised for how he dressed before games, a fact he acknowledged in a self-aware tweet.

The 28-year-old Gallo will now make a fresh start in Los Angeles, where the Dodgers have a history of finding uses for players who flopped in other cities.

Last year, the Texas Rangers traded Gallo and Joely Rodriguez to the New York Yankees in exchange for three minor league players, all of whom are now playing in the major leagues. In addition, Clayton Better, a Class AA right-hander with a 2.59 earned run average over the previous two seasons, was traded for him to the Dodgers. How much Gallo’s stock has dropped may be seen in rather dramatic detail by comparing the trade packages.

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Gallo is still worth a gamble for the Dodgers because of the possibility that they can change the ratio of his three real outcomes into something more advantageous. And perhaps the Los Angeles news reporters won’t be as interested in his attire.

When asked which players had reached out, Gallo declined to specify, but he explained how those contacting him contributed to his emotional struggles and confidence problems.

“I don’t want to say names,” he continued. “Kansas City guys reached out to me over the weekend. A bunch of guys. It makes me feel like a piece of (expletive), honestly. I remember playing here with the Rangers, watching (the Yankees) get booed off the field and thinking, ‘Holy (expletive)! I feel bad for that guy.’ Now it’s me. I do appreciate people reaching out, but it makes me feel like I’m a problem.”

“I have a lot of respect for how he worked, how he carried himself,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said on his fatrewell. “A lot of us really feel for the situation he was in and the burden he felt and carried. I think a lot of us, myself included, very much hope he goes and kind of recaptures what we know he’s capable of doing. I’ll truly be rooting for him from afar.”

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