Jio New Cricket Plan Ahead of IPL 2023

Jio has unveiled three Jio New Cricket Plan with added benefits in advance of the most anticipated cricket event in the nation, the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023, which is set to start on March 31. Jio wants to give cricket fans the opportunity to watch the matches in high-quality video resolution without any hassles.

Explore the Jio New Cricket Plan in more detail below.

Jio’s New Cricket Plans

As previously mentioned, the telecom company owned by Mukesh Ambani has unveiled three new cricket plans, all of which will give users free access to Jio’s 5G services and 3GB of daily data. Additionally, the plans will grant users exclusive access to live games, which they can view in 4K resolution. So let’s examine the recently disclosed proposals.

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Rs. 219

The cheapest Jio New Cricket Plan is the Rs. 219 plan, which includes features like unlimited calls and 3GB of daily data and has a 14-day pack validity. Giving its users a total of 44GB of high-speed internet, 2GB more data is also provided. Additionally, users will be able to send 100 SMS each day.

Rs. 399

Users of Jio will enjoy benefits like unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS per day with the Rs. 399 plan as well. The pack will be valid for a total of 28 days, during which time they will be able to use 90GB of data. Jio users will also receive 6GB of extra data in addition to the 3GB of daily data with the Rs. 399 plan with Jio New Cricket Plan.

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Rs. 999

The most expensive plan costs Rs. 999, and users can benefit from features like unlimited voice calls 100 SMS per day, 3GB of daily data, and an additional 40GB of data. Additionally, users will receive a pack with 84-day validity.

Jio has also released three add-on packs, with prices ranging from Rs. 222 to Rs. 667. Users of the Rs. 222 plan will receive 50GB of extra data, with the same pack validity as their active plan. Users of the Rs. 444 and Rs. 667 plans will receive 100GB and 150GB of additional data, respectively, with a 60-day and 90-day validity period.


What is Jio New Cricket Plan?

The three pricing plans, which are priced at Rs 219, Rs 399, and Rs 999, will have different validity periods of 14 days, 28 days, and 84 days. “ Using the genuinely unlimited True-5G data included with every Cricket Plan. Users of Jio may stream live sports events in 4K resolution from different camera angles.

How to activate Jio New Cricket Plan?

Jio Cricket Pack is automatically enabled upon a recharge. There are no more actions that need to be taken. To use the advantages, just recharge with the cricket pack.

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