Jen Psaki Officially Embarks On Her New Career

The former White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, whom some of her former colleagues in the Biden White House occasionally love to hate, worked her first official day as a member of the cable news elite on Monday after taking the summer off to unwind.

Initial rumors’ about Psaki’s future aspirations for the gig were a little over the top. One article hypothesized that she would help soften the shock of RACHEL MADDOW’s departure from MSNBC’s 9 p.m. program, given the network’s post-Trump rating decline. Slot, the network’s highest-rated programming hour in years. The plan, then as now, was to take advantage of the popularity she gained among liberal viewers due to her use of “Psaki-bombs” during press briefings at the White House.

Ultimately, the network decided to go with a less risky option rather than immediately put her in the hot seat for hosting primetime. Instead, it guaranteed Psaki substantial coverage at significant political events and a hosting position for an MSNBC streaming show that would premiere in the first quarter of 2023.

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However, Psaki’s rollout strategy will take some time because the streaming programme, which has not yet been given a name or hired any staff, is still a ways off. She will make her MSNBC debut this week as a full-time contributor, and she might start working with Alex Wagner, who will replace Rachel Maddow, as early as tomorrow. In the upcoming months, Psaki is also anticipated to gradually integrate into the network’s D.C.-based programming, including appearances on NBC’s Meet The Press.

The network’s Washington, D.C. headquarters will house an office for the former press secretary. Psaki will also travel to New York’s 30 Rock this week for meetings and appearances, following other former Biden White House employees securing real estate there, including former KAMALA HARRIS press secretary SYMONE SANDERS.

Psaki stated that she would devote the upcoming months to election coverage and deciphering the Biden White House for viewers. She also said she intended to “bring that zeal for explaining things, debunking things, and calling out BS when you see it.”

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Psaki, though, debuts at a time when Biden is less frequently cable television’s main story. Indeed, Donald Trump’s recent legal issues have occupied MSNBC and other networks. And it might put the network executives in an awkward editorial position by allowing Biden’s former chief spokeswoman to talk about the difficulties his primary (and probably future) political rival is facing on television.

However, for the time being, one of Psaki’s main tasks will be to convert some of her liberal political appeals into a consistent audience and support the network’s incipient streaming service.

One of the few interviews MSNBC has conducted with JILL BIDEN since she became the first lady and other high-profile interviews with former Biden team members were secured by Sanders, who has both streaming and cable programmes. However, as West Wing Playbook previously observed, the notable visitors have not significantly increased the ratings.

Psaki might also have to work through some lingering uneasiness with her newsroom colleagues. The idea to employ her got out months before she left the White House. CNN reported earlier this year that NBC News staffers, some of whom occasionally tried to distinguish themselves from the left-leaning cable news counterpart, were apprehensive of the decision.

However, the former press secretary for Biden is openly praising her new position. She shared a photo of her new NBCU employment badge in a Monday afternoon tweet praising her new MSNBC coworkers.

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