Jason Momoa and John Cena Join Hands For Killer Vacation, Details Inside

The movie Killer Vacation will star Jason Momoa and John Cena, according to Warner Bros. The movie’s specific story points are currently a secret.

Everyone get ready as our heroes with muscles team up for this new endeavor! You did read that correctly, The boisterous new action comedy Killer Vacation will include Jason Momoa and John Cena as its lead actors.

According to a report by the US news source Variety, Warner Bros. has hired musclebound performers for the feature movie, the specifics of whose plot are presently being kept under wraps. When they first met on the set of the upcoming Fast and the Furious franchise finales, the two were hoping to transfer their on-screen chemistry to another film, according to Variety’s sources.

Killer Vacation

People who were aware of the project reportedly made comparisons to fun, thrilling excursions like True Lies. The Killer script was written by Mark and Brian Gunn, and John Rickard and Peter Safran will be in charge of directing the film. The movie was packaged and posted internally before Safran took over WB’s DC Films Unit with James Gunn.

Because he has appeared as Aquaman in several films, Momoa is unquestionably important to DC. He returns to the role of the King of Atlantis in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Momoa most recently made an appearance in Dune, another Warner Bros. movie. On Aquaman, Safran served as a producer.

Cena had an appearance in both Peacemaker, an HBO Max spinoff of The Suicide Squad. Safran and Gunn were heavily involved in the creation of everything related to Peacemaker. Gunn invented the character for Cena and then came up with the concept for the spinoff. Cena will star in the upcoming American action-comedy Freelance, which is directed by Taken’s Pierre Morel. His pandemic-era breakthrough Vacation Friends on Hulu led to the present creation of Honeymoon Friends, the sequel.

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Who are the lead casts in Killer Vacation?

The movie Killer Vacation will star Jason Momoa and John Cena, according to Warner Bros.

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