James Cameron appreciates Indian movies for their focus on “family, friendship, and personal duty.”

James Cameron talks about his fondness for Indian movies and insists that the ‘only difference’ between his movies and Indian movies is that he doesn’t feature a song-and-dance sequence at the end.

Hollywood director James Cameron has remarked how much he appreciates how Indian movies emphasise the importance of relationships, family, and civic responsibility. Additionally, he recalled his conversation with SS Rajamouli and said that RRR helped him reflect on what it is that he appreciates about Indian cinema.

James has rereleased his classic love story Titanic in celebration of its 25th anniversary, and certain theatres in India are showing it as part of the global rerelease.

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James Cameron appreciates Indian movies

When asked whether his movies shared any characteristics with those produced in India, James told the Bombay Times that the sole distinction was that his movies lacked “a song and dance sequence at the end.” Then, recalling their conversation from the Critics’ Choice Awards, he stated, “How much I appreciated the suspense, action, and all the other things I loved in his film, as well as the physical production, beauty, and spectacle he had produced.

I was inspired by that movie to reflect on the Indian film industry as a whole and how much I value Indian cinema for its emphasis on friendship, family, and other interpersonal relationships.”

He noted that it wasn’t until his first trip to India in 2010 that he began to take an interest in Indian movies. Before that, he had never viewed any Indian movies. Because India was producing so many of its pictures, according to James Cameron, “you weren’t that interested in our films,” Titanic did not have a successful opening in India. When Avatar Way of Water was launched, the Avatar director acknowledged that India is a big market for his movies.”

When Titanic was first released in December 1997, it held the top spot at the box office for 15 weekends in a row. According to box office results, Titanic is currently lagging behind Avatar and Avengers: Endgame. The developers of Avatar: The Way of Water believe that this will soon change and that Avatar: The Way of Water will surpass Avatar’s lifetime collections.

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