Is Microsoft looking forward to adding Netflix on their shopping list in 2023?

According to Reuters, Microsoft is now on a buying binge and may add Netflix to its want list in 2023. Since being promoted to CEO of Microsoft in 2016, Satya Nadella has developed a reputation doing the same thing. It all began with the purchase of the company that created the well-known video game Minecraft. Later, it acquired LinkedIn. Micro-soft also purchased Nuance. They now have plans to buy the company that created the renowned video game Call of Duty. Due to worries about the market and other factors, this is debated. We are anticipating more details.

The acquisition of Netflix by Microsoft is feasible since it will be simpler to sell Netflix, particularly in Washington. Microsoft and Netflix are already working closely together. Microsoft is a partner of Netflix’s in the advertising space. There’s more to this tale, too. Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft, is a member of the Netflix board as well. Netflix hopes to succeed in the gaming sector, much as Microsoft wants to launch its own video game streaming service. Tech behemoth Microsoft can easily afford Netflix. Microsoft’s market worth is 13 times more than Netflix’s. However, it’s said that Microsoft has its sights set on Netflix and is keen to put the streaming service on its shopping list by 2023.

There has been no confirmation of this information yet, and official announcements are needed.

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What is Microsoft doing for Netflix?

Microsoft MSFT +0.4% has been recognised as Netflix NFLX 0.0%’s official partner for an impending ad-supported version of the streaming service. The decision to leave Netflix was made for a number of reasons, including expanding the audience and reducing subscription churn.

Does Microsoft have a deal with Netflix?

MicrosoftOpens in new window was chosen by Netflix as the exclusive technology and sales partner to enable the operation of their first ad-supported tier.

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