Is Cher engaged? After posting a picture of a big diamond ring, the singer responds to rumors’

After posting a picture of her boyfriend Alexander Edwards clutching a massive diamond ring, Cher fueled engagement rumors’.

Alexander “AE” Edwards and Cher ignited engagement rumours on Christmas after she tweeted a photo of him clutching a stunning diamond ring. Later, the singer made it clear that the rumours were untrue.

Is Cher engaged?

She captioned it, “THERE ARE NO WORDS, ALEXANDER, AE.” Fans quickly picked up on the clue and conjectured online that Cher was making an engagement announcement to the 36-year-old music producer. “Hold up, hold up, wait!” Is that ring made of diamonds or is it made of diamonds? “What does that mean? ” a fan remarked. “Well done, Cher! You deserve every bit of joy. Please inform me of the time and location.”

After a few hours, Cher decided to republish the image in response to the uproar, explaining why she had first tweeted it and denying the engagement rumours. “I shared this because his nails are so cool,” she wrote. AE has green flames painted on her fingernails in the image.

The Grammy-winning music entrepreneur, 36, and Cher, 76, were first sighted together when they were captured holding hands on November 2 in Los Angeles. They were also spotted earlier that week outside several of the city’s hotspots wearing matching all-black outfits. Then, in a now-deleted tweet with the subject line “LOVE DOESN’T KNOW MATH, IT SEES,” Cher went on to disclose her relationship with the music mogul while defending the 40-year age difference.

Cher was married to Sonny Bono from 1964 to 1975 and Gregg Allman from 1975 to 1979 before she started dating Edwards. She was associated with Rob Camilletti, Tom Cruise, and Val Kilmer in the 1980s. During her visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show, Cher also discussed dating younger men, claiming that older men were not interested in her. “Understand what I mean? I’ve had a few boyfriends who were roughly my age, but for some reason, they didn’t like me. Additionally, it’s possible that younger men don’t care if you have a strong personality, are wild or hilarious, or want to do silly things. I won’t compromise my personality for anyone, promise “She spoke.

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When did Cher marry Sonny Bono?

Cher was married to Sonny Bono from 1964 to 1975 and Gregg Allman from 1975 to 1979 before she started dating Edwards.

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