Ina Garten Taylor Swift Recall About Their Friendship Beginnings

Taylor Swift and Ina Garten have one of the sweetest celebrity friendships, which all began TODAY. On TODAY on Tuesday, Garten, 74, described how she and Swift, 32, became such close friends while giving some of her go-to supper dishes.

Ina Garten Taylor Swift

When Swift was 25 years old, the famous chef recalled that they collaborated on a picture shoot and prepared meals. And they connected right away.

Garten confessed, “I just so fell in love with her.”

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About The First Meeting

But it was actually at TODAY where they first met. Garten remembers seeing Swift perform on the TODAY plaza when she was just a teenager, and it made her feel like she was a teenager too! Swift was indeed “amazing,” she recalled thinking.

Garten responded, “I don’t think we’re in the same category,” when Hoda said that Garten has hordes of followers who think she’s fantastic.

Savannah’s retort to the well-liked cookbook author was perfect: “Oh, you’re in a category all by yourself.”

Taylor Swift herself would undoubtedly agree. Swift claimed in the November issue of Food Network Magazine that she first became aware of Garten when she was an adolescent.

Swift’s Earlier Perspective

She cited that cooking at the time always felt “like a chore” as the reason she didn’t enjoy it. However, it changed her perspective when she watched Garten prepare food.

“She made cooking feel like self-care. Since then, cooking has been my stress reliever and one of the few ways I can fully unwind after a trying day. The “Bejeweled” game’s “I’ll always be grateful to her for giving me that” “the singer said.

Swift and Garten have become such close friends that on Swift’s 32nd birthday, Garten paid tribute to the 11-time Grammy Award winner.

She posted a picture of Swift during one of her shows on Facebook in December 2021 and captioned it, “Swift at one of her concerts.” “Happy Birthday to one of the most original and brilliant artists of the modern era! Anyone who wishes to captain their ship should look up to you as an inspiration. Love to all.”

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