In Pokemon Go How To Change Teams

This article focuses on how to switch teams in Pokemon Go. Switching up your party is rather simple, but you must first obtain 1,000 PokeCoins or purchase them. Trainers in Pokemon GO may purchase the Team Badge in the Shop for 1000 PokeCoins. A Team Medallion item is required, however you may easily get one for free from the games store.

Not exactly on a “How To Change It Up,” but you may swap teams once by purchasing a 1,000 Coin Team Medallion from the shop. Remember that a Team Medallion can only be bought once every 365 days, therefore you can only switch Pokemon Go teams once every 365 days.

Your Pokemon who are currently in a gym will not receive any PokeCoins when they are defeated, according to the Team Medallion item, which also informs you that you cannot purchase another Team Medallion within 365 days. You should also be aware that since any Pokemon in a gym are still officially defending the team you are no longer on, they will not earn Coins when you return, and that you can only purchase the Medallion once a year.

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If you aren’t in a rush, you might be better off waiting until your Pokemon are expelled from a Gym before switching teams since once you transfer teams, you are also expelled from any gyms that you could have been defending.

If you had Pokemon from your old team in the gym when you switched teams, they would stay there until they were expelled. You should not even try to engage in combat with your own Pokemon because they will be on your prior team.

Since you can only purchase PokeCoins at this price, which is PS9.99 for a maximum of 1250, switching up your Pokemon Go team really costs PS10. Ensure that the Pokemon Go account you are logged into is the right one. In the centre of the game screen, tap the red and white Pokeball symbol. The Pokeball menu’s Shop icon is in the centre. Scroll down to the Shop’s Upgrades section. For 1,000 PokeCoins, purchase the Team Badge. Return to the Pokeball menu after that, then choose your goods bag. Once you activate the Team Badge you found in your backpack by scrolling down, you are set to go.

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