In his rookie season, Nick Young claimed that a cheerleader was fired for having an affair with him and Andray Blatche.

Young pondered a different ending in his case as he discussed the circumstances involving Ime Udoka.

Even though the NBA season hasn’t even begun, many headlines and stories have started to surface, with Ime Udoka’s one-year suspension garnering the majority of attention. Everyone in the NBA is voicing their opinions on the affair, which has sparked much debate and controversy. Nick Young, a former NBA player, gave his thoughts and related a bizarre anecdote from his first year that exemplified how the league has changed since then.

Strict Rules

Nick Young wasn’t the most prominent name when he was playing, but his comic persona, laid-back attitude, and capacity to turn it up at any time made him a hidden fan favorite. One of the significant controversies Young encountered had nothing to do with basketball; instead, it was his connection with pop sensation Iggy Azalea, which ended when D’Angelo Russell, one of his teammates, secretly taped and revealed.

Years later, Young may somewhat relate to the Ime Udoka issue since he used the phrase “guys just get bored” to explain why Ime cheated on Nia Long.

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Then Nick went one step further by relating a tale from his rookie campaign in which he and colleague Andray Blatche also became entangled with a female teammate, but the conclusion was very different:

“It’s the NBA rule. It happened to me when I was a rookie. Me and Andray Blatche were messing around with one of the cheerleaders or assistants, and they found out. When we came to the gym, they blamed us, like it was our fault because she got fired. Can’t do that.”

One of the most eccentric, dysfunctional, and entertaining teams in sports history has to be the Washington Wizards from the late 2000s/early 2010s. There was never a dull moment in Washington then, from Gilbert Arenas and his gun incident to young men like Young, Blatche, and McGee getting into all kinds of problems.

This cheerleader-related anecdote is simply one of the more recent ones that correctly depicts those teams and the NBA lifestyles of Young and Blatche. It’s fascinating to observe how differently that event was handled in the past when the female was fired behind closed doors, and Nick or Andray never took a public position on the matter.

Fast-forward to almost 15 years later, when Udoka is given a one-year suspension and may be kicked out of the league for having an affair with a staff member, but the other person gets away with nothing and keeps their employment and name hidden.

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