In a perplexing TikTok video, Paris Hilton appears to be dating Tom Cruise.

Paris Hilton decided to have some fun on TikTok by posting a video that caused everyone who saw it to go insane for a moment. Is that…does that look like Tom Cruise?!

It begins with a man who looks and sounds eerily similar to Tom Cruise donning a blazer and exclaiming, “Paris, I don’t want to be late for this premiere.” As the couple (couple?!) stands in front of the mirror for a last-minute check, Hilton walks into the frame in full glam. “Do you think people will believe us when we say we’re a couple?” ” Hilton inquires. He responds, cheesily whispering into her neck, “I think most people will believe anything.”

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“It’s the story of my life,” Hilton says.

Yes, it’s a joke, and no, that isn’t the real Tom Cruise. Miles Fisher is a Tom Cruise impersonator, though you’d only be able to tell by his height. One TikToker correctly observed, “Tom Cruise isn’t that tall lmao.”

Regardless, the film left thousands of viewers both convinced and perplexed. “Wait a damn minute?” says one commenter. “Wait, is this the real Tom Cruise or the computer generated one?” and “What is going on?”

Hilton’s fans should know by now that she isn’t joking when she says “most people believing just about anything” is the “story of her life.” Remember how for years on The Simple Life and other reality TV shows, Hilton maintained a carefully crafted baby-voiced bimbo persona? Scooby, it appears that she has us again.

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