You have not tried YouTube Music subscription, give it a try in just Rs 10 for a month

Hello friends today we will talking about YouTube Music. Almost every other brand is spending a fortune on acquiring new customers. Particularly in a price-conscious country like India where consumers won’t choose a premium alternative until commercials can be eliminated. The same is true of Spotify and Youtube, which work hard to keep users.

Previously, a membership to YouTube Music cost Rs 129 per month. That unquestionably would include downloading and viewing no-add videos, which are often unavailable to regular users. All of this information would have been available to you on YouTube.

However, because the cost of the subscription has decreased to Rs 10 per month, something miraculous has happened. Actually, it’s not a joke; YouTube recently discovered this to be true. But in order to do that, you’ll need to purchase an Amazon gift card, which you can then use to redeem the discounted price. So let’s not waste any more time and buy the voucher with your phone. You won’t look back on it.

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