Here ‘s How You Can Take a Screenshot On Mac

On your Mac, you can use Screenshots or keyboard shortcuts to capture images (known as screenshots) or recordings of the screen. Snapshot provides a set of tools that make it simple to take screenshots and screen recordings of your computer screen. These tools give you the option to customize what you capture, such as the ability to add a temporal delay or include the pointer or clicks.

How to take a screenshot on Mac?

On your Mac, type Shift-Command-5 to open Screenshot and display the tools. Launchpad can also be used.

Choose a tool to select what you want to record or capture (or use the Touch Bar).

You can modify the frame’s boundaries to alter the size of the area you wish to record or capture on the screen, or you can drag the frame itself to change its position.

Click Options if you want.

There are many options depending on whether you’re taking a screenshot or recording one. You can specify where to save the file and whether to include a timed delay, display the mouse pointer, or show clicks, for example.

A finished shot or recording can be saved to the location you requested after a brief period of floating in the bottom-right corner of the screen, giving you time to drag it into a document, comment it, or share it. This feature makes it simpler for you to work with finished shots and recordings.

Start taking screenshots or recording your screen:

  • Click Capture to capture the full screen or a specific area of it.
  • For a window, position the pointer over it and then click it.
  • Click Record to start a recording. Click the Stop Recording button in the menu bar to end recording.

While the thumbnail is momentarily shown in the bottom-right corner of the screen when the Display Floating Thumbnail option is selected, you can do any of the following:

Swipe right to rapidly save and erase the file.

Drag the thumbnail into a document, email, note, or Finder window.

Clicking the thumbnail will open a window where you can alter the screenshot, shorten the recording, or share it.

Depending on where you choose to keep the screenshot or recording, an app may start.

Screenshots are saved as.png files while screenshots are recorded files. The word “Screenshot” or “Screen Recording” appears first in the filename, along with the date and time.

Certain applications, like DVD Player, could prevent you from photographing windows.


How does a screenshot get saved on mac?

Screenshots are saved as.png files while screenshots are recorded files.

How are screen recordings saved on mac?

Screenshots are saved as.png files while screenshots are recorded files.


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