Himedere Anime Character, Everything You Need To Know

Greetings from Demon School! A power fantasy isekai anime like My Isekai Life or Black Summoner is not Iruma-kun. This complex and emotionally compelling story combines the best elements of isekai, the “school life” cliché, and even Halloween-style fantasy.

 The main characters push it all to 11 with unexpected emotional depth. Azazel Ameri, the student council president at Babyls School for Demons, is one example of this.

Ameri appears to be a typical tsundere anime girl, albeit perhaps a little too vain for a highborn demon with unique fighting skills and undisputed power as the head of the student council. 

Typical Qualities of a Himedere Anime Character

For reference, the himedere archetype characterizes any female anime character that tries to present herself as a princess, whether or not to boost her ego and impress everyone. They frequently overcompensate for their unpleasant or mysterious beginnings, such as parental rejection, bullying, or exclusion. The people in Himedere are disguising their pasts beneath glitzy princess-like personas and ostentatious conduct. In reality, some himedere are still battling their baggage, making them even more motivated to come across as the opposite.

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Characters in himedere works may or may not be in a romantic relationship. However, they genuinely love the person they portray, making them self-serving. A himedere may even maintain a reverse harem of subservient boys to feed her ego and make up for her lack of authority in her first life.

Himederes aren’t always bad guys or bullies, but their antics make them distant and hostile. Examples include Erina Nakiri in Food Wars!, who uses food to deal with her abandonment troubles, and Beatrice in Re: Zero, who disguises her loneliness and insecurity with fine clothes and a pretentious demeanor. Dio Bando, a rare male himedere from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, pretends to be a glorious vampire king to make up for his wretched, destitute origins in Victorian England.

How Azazel Ameri by Iruma-Kun subverts the Himedere archetype

Greetings from Demon School! Azazel of Iruma-Kun In some broad senses, Ameri represents the himedere archetype, but more via function than through intent. Ameri may be an arrogant, self-important demon girl who enjoys giving commands and punishing those who disobey her, but she does all this out of a sense of duty rather than selfishness. In some ways, Ameri identifies deeply with her position as Babyls’ student council president and works hard to uphold her reputation. However, she has noble intentions, and her princess-like authority serves as a vehicle rather than the end itself.

Being in charge is a matter of personal satisfaction for a himedere. However, Ameri in Iruma-Kun sees her position as president of Babyls’ student council as a selfless undertaking and a pleasant burden. She is a true leader because she puts the needs of others before her own. Hisedere characters are among the many persons in both fiction and reality who abuse their positions of power for personal gain or fulfillment. Still, Ameri does the opposite and prioritizes the interests of all students over her own.

Ameri is a strong yet fair leader who prioritizes her followers’ happiness before utilizing her charisma and power to improve Babyls for all pupils. Although she may take her role as Babyls’ queen bee seriously, she would still want any successor to uphold the same responsibility standards. Ameri would immediately confront a real himedere who acted while acting in Ameri’s place. She understands the true purposes of authority, and she doesn’t operate in the interests of trivial gain. She can and will behave modestly as an approachable female on a regular date with a typical boy like Iruma Suzuki if she genuinely wants to be happy. A true himedere would never have the courage to act in that way.

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