Here’s What We Know:Foxconn, Apple’s Biggest Suppliers to Increase Their Work Force

In India, Foxconn plans to triple its workforce. Why is Foxconn acting in this way?

The Pandemic in China

The Foxconn Plant in Zhengzhou has been badly impacted by the government’s stringent regulations in response to the Covid 19 pandemic in China.

The Fox-conn Plant employees in Zhengzhou were instructed to remain within the facility in a closed-off area with no interaction with the outside world. As a result, the personnel became uneasy and began to leave the plant.

The corporation was even prepared to give the workers who were prepared to return to the plant a bonus of 500 Yuan, according to the Reuters article.

Foxconn now intends to boost its personnel at the iPhone manufacturing in India, according to news sources.

According to Reuters reports, the corporation intends to hire 53,000 more workers to increase its Indian workforce to 70,000. However, this will fall short of the Zhengzhou plant’s workforce of roughly 2,000,000.

With this move, Foxconn intends to offset the production loss that has occurred by moving its operations outside of China.

How has it affected Apple?

Apple has been adversely impacted by the problem at the Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou.

The phones that were most severely impacted by the problem in the Zhengzhou facility were the Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. The market’s demands could not be satisfied by the product’s production capacity.

Additionally, the business had lost a lot of sales during the previous holiday season.

The business intends to recover from its loss and resume product sales by expanding its workforce in India.

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