Here’s How You Can Download All Your Twitter Data

Download All Your Twitter Data

Following Elon Musk’s acquisition, the drama at Twitter has continued, and there are real concerns about how the service can survive, given that most staff may be considering leaving. Employees received a request from Musk to prepare for a hardcore Twitter or accept a three-month payoff in exchange for their departure. According to several sources, many teams, including some that are essential to the operation of the social media platform, are choosing to withdraw. While Musk is attempting to win back staff, there are questions about the process of the service.

In addition, people on the down detector report outages on Twitter even though the service is operating normally, indicating that these are probably fraudulent complaints. It needs to be clarified whether these bogus reports are being made by irate Twitter workers or trolls only. As hashtags like #RIPTwitter continue to flourish, there is a rising concern that the “public square” may soon crumble. In the sad case of a platform-wide meltdown, there is, fortunately, a means to back up all of your Twitter data.

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Here’s how to accomplish it; it’s simple and easy to perform. The sole issue. Given that many of Twitter’s other services are having problems, it might not function properly. For starters, if users have enabled two-factor authentication, they do not frequently receive verification codes (2FA). Nevertheless, here’s how to recover your Twitter data.

Click More on the left-hand tab. There ought to be a menu item titled “Settings and Support.” The Settings and Privacy tab can be found here. There will be a new page.

Go to Your Account > Download an archive of your data from this page.

Android/IOS: By pressing on their profile on the app’s home screen and then going to Settings and Support > Settings and Privacy > Your Account > Download an archive of your data, users of the Twitter app can ask for an archive of their Twitter data.

Before continuing, you must enter your password again. Following an SMS or email, Twitter will confirm that it’s you.

Following that, you may download your Twitter data by clicking on “Request Archive” and following the on-screen directions. Be aware that depending on the load on Twitter’s servers, it could take up to 24 hours or more for the data to be available. attempted the verification process and discovered that, although SMS verification was offered, it was inoperable. But email verification functions as promised, and I received a code in seconds. On the iOS version of the app, there was no email option.

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